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Scarlet Nexus guide – Best early game skills to unlock

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

In Scarlet Nexus, you unlock new skills and enhancements through a sprawling skill tree called the Brain Map. Understanding the Brain Map can be difficult at first. The skills guide explains some of the best skills to unlock early in the game Brain Map.

Learning Brain Map – Scarlet Nexus

Each time you level up in Scarlet Nexus, you get Brain Map points, which you can assign to different types of buffs and new abilities inside the Brain Map. At first, skills only cost one single point. As you progress further into the Brain Map, new talents cost more points to unlock.

Scarlet Nexus

At the start of the game, the Brain Map will have three main trees:

  • Enhance increases various aspects of your character such as their health, defense, and improves stats related to special abilities.
  • Expand your character’s new abilities such as double jump, follow attack move, multiple dashes, and more.
  • Support boosts abilities that improve your character, give them more slots to equip, power up some special attacks, and increase your support character’s power.

Later in the Scarlet Nexus, new areas of the Brain Map will open, such as a specific section related to the Brain Drive mechanism. Before you have a chance to improve that part of your skill tree, though, there are plenty of skills worth getting during the game’s opening hours.

Best Early Game Skills – Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

At the beginning of the game, it is not clear how you should improve your character. Before you make any decisions, ignore everything in the Advanced skill tree. While each node in that section of the Brain Tree will increase your character’s power, the improvements are minor. If you choose to power up your character early on through the Advanced Skill tree, you’ll be wasting skill points that are better used to unlock new talents first.

The best early game skills:

Double Jump

While the double jump isn’t a powerful attack or a huge improvement, it does make moving through levels easier. You will also need to jump twice to access hidden areas to find materials.

Aerial Dash

If you want some extra mobility when fighting enemies in the air, the airborne track can help. It’s a good choice for players who like to be as mobile as possible. It also allows you to dodge air attacks.


Scarlet Nexus

Rebound allows you to quickly get back up after being knocked down. Without this skill, your character will be immobilized for a moment after taking a big attack. Since your skills like SAS and Brain Drive only work for a limited time, don’t waste them lying on your back.

Brain Crush SAS Restore

As you get stronger, you’ll perform the Brain Crush finish move often. Since you’ll see the animation of this powerful move a lot throughout the game, you can also use that opportunity to restore part of your SAS gauge at once.

Concurrent SAS Activation

This allows you to use two SAS capabilities in Scarlet Nexus at the same time. It can be really powerful, depending on the skills you activate at the same time. For example, if you use Kyoka’s double and Shiden’s electric energy, you can throw many objects wrapped in electricity. If you get another Simultaneous SAS Activation skill on the Brain Map, you can use four SAS skills at the same time.