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Scarlet Nexus guide – Increasing bond levels in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus guide

The characters you fight with in Scarlet Nexus are not only members of your squad, but also your friends. By keeping them by your side in battle, hanging out with them between story missions, and giving them gifts, you can increase your level of bond with them. The higher the link level, the more useful they are during combat. The Scarlet Nexus guide will teach you how to increase bonding, what actions help increase bonding and the benefits you get as your relationship grows.

Increasing Bond Levels – Scarlet Nexus guide

As you play through the story of Scarlet Nexus, you’ll have many opportunities to increase your bond with each character. There are both active and passive ways for you to strengthen your relationships with people.

Bond Episodes

Scarlet Nexus guide

In between each mission, you will arrive at your hideout in the standby phase. At your facility, you can talk to your team to see what they’re thinking. Sometimes the characters will ask you out and this will trigger a Bond Episode.

Bond episodes can appear as a dialogue option or they can be activated in response to a brain message. In either case, you’ll get a prompt allowing you to select a Bond Episode as an option. After you activate the Bond Episode, a cutscene will play for you and the character. These short scenes are passive events that explore the growing relationship between your protagonist and a squad member.

Giving Gifts – Scarlet Nexus guide

After starting to collect materials during the main quest, you can learn how to exchange materials for items in Satori’s shop. While you can exchange materials for most items you can buy, trading is the only way to receive gifts.

Once you have a few gifts in stock, you’ll have the option to give gifts. Gifts that a character particularly likes will display a yellow heart next to that character’s avatar. If the character really likes the gift, they’ll talk about it when you give it to them. After giving the gift, they will display it some places inside the hideout.

While you can also give characters generic gifts that everyone will enjoy, specific gifts will have a larger effect on how engaged they are.

Add Character To Party

Scarlet Nexus guide

As you progress in Scarlet Nexus, you gain more team members who can assist you with their SAS abilities. At a certain point, you’ll have more team members than the group’s active space. To increase your bond with certain characters, make them two active members of your team.

While you can add up to 4 teammates to your usable SAS skills, you can only have two party characters. Two teammates on your party will have extended SAS gauges against the other two teammates you specify. Your team members will also recover their SAS more quickly.

Bond Level Benefits – Scarlet Nexus guide

As increasing bond with a character, you not only learn more about them but also gain upgraded abilities.

Each new level adds a different ability to assist you through the SAS abilities.

  • Level 1 is the default level where you start. This level allows you to access each character’s psychic abilities as a SAS skill.
  • Levels 2 and 3 vary between characters, but between the two you’ll gain a few new abilities as their SAS abilities work. Guardian Vision is a skill that activates randomly and lets allies absorb damage for you. Combo Vision allows you to press a special command to call your teammates to join a special attack. Not only that, each character will increase your main character’s power when you activate their SAS ability. For example, Kyoko’s clone ability creates a character of you in addition to her default cloning of objects you throw. 
Scarlet Nexus guide
  • Level 4 gives you Attack Vision. At certain times during the battle, teammates at this level will call out your name. If you press a certain button combination at that time, they will launch a special attack.
  • Level 5 increases the duration of each character’s SAS ability. Some characters also add more special benefits. For example, Shiden’s electric technique nullifies any shock damage from enemies when his SAS is active.
  • Level 6 further enhances the ability of SAS to be active by adding unique effects. For example, Kyoka creates two copies of the object that you throw. Gemma’s damage-blocking ability can automatically activate even when his SAS ability is not active.

Those are the tips we want to share with you in this Scarlet Nexus guide. Hope that will help you when playing the game.