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Second Extinction Guide – Top Best In-game Weapons

Second Extinction

Second Extinction is a game that plays out like a fun and adrenaline-fueled first-person shooter on heroes taking out hordes of dinosaurs. It received mixed critical reception, but at its core, it makes the act of taking down terrifying prehistoric creatures a sight to behold. 

Shotgun – Second Extinction


People who grew up playing Turok or Dino Crisis understand that you can’t have a fun dinosaur shooter unless it comes with a fun shotgun to use. The game may not have the best shotgun in gaming, but it holds itself up against bosses and wipes out the smaller enemies the game throws at you. 

It is arguably the most powerful base gun in the game but will require a brave soul to get up close and personal with the prehistoric beasts. Not every player is comfortable in its thick section, so make sure the right person is using the shotgun in combat.


second 1

Minigun in Second Extinction follows the design process of most miniguns in video games. This means it has an amazing fire rate, but the trade-off is that its damage per second is significantly hindered. On top of that, its reloading is quite slow and monotonous. 

Pair with a revolver equipped with an attacker that reloads the player’s main gun when killing enemies through severe attack damage with the Sidearm being the combination Most players aim to get the most out of multi minigun. Reducing its weak point as much as possible allows it to shine when it comes to crowd control and focusing fire in a designated area.

Homing Shot Machine Gun

Second Extinction 2

If you’ve played your fair share of shooting games then you understand how a useful weapon with a homing trait can be. The homing machine gun matches its snake damage per second with the ability that it practically never misses its intended target.

Due to its ability to track enemies from great distances, this weapon sometimes feels more like an automatic sniper rifle and less like a machine gun. Depending on what you are looking for the second extinction can be seen as a positive or negative aspect of the homing machine gun.

Grenade Launcher

Second Extinction 1

Grenades are fun to use, but unless they’re equipped with effective perks, they can quickly become tedious. Those who manage to level up and get both a hip-burning speed Perk, as well as one that instantly reloads when taking damage will quickly mold their grenade launchers into elite weapons. It’s an effective area weapon that can erase anything in your path with almost no risk attached. A neat in-game trick is standing in acid when tick damage will trigger the instant reload Perk we mentioned earlier.

Dragonsbreath Shotgun – Second Extinction

Second Extinction

The Dragonsebeath Pistol is such a powerful weapon, it becomes pretty much among the second extinct players. That sort of thing rarely happens since most people dream of using overwhelming weapons in first-person shooters. Damage per second, it’s out of the box and can be used to knock out T-rex enemy types for about 2-3 shots in total. Its strength seems to come from the observation that each shotgun bullet counts as registered fire damage on the contact and it stacks on its own.