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Guide to playing Senna LoL – Redeemer version 9.23

how to play Senna

how to play Senna

Senna LoL is the latest champion of the League of Legends. Lucian’s fiancé has a very unique gameplay style when combining gunner and support, so there are still concerns about the play of this new champion. In this article, we will show you how to play Senna LoL effectively as a support in the pre-season version 9.23.


Senna is a unique champion, a support gunner can cause tons of damage as bad as an authentic gunner. In addition, the ability to support teammates is not inferior to healing, camouflage, and the ability to create shields on the whole map. This girl can adapt to many play styles from focusing on damage to taking advantage of the versatility to support teammates. 

With the soul’s passive, Senna’s longer game time will become increasingly dangerous. This champion is suitable for those who want to carry the team even when playing in a support position.


In order to understand how to play Senna well, Senna players know the characteristics of the equipment on Senna.

Youmuu Sword: Provides lethality, reduces cooldown and acceleration, moves through objects for Senna LoL. Very suitable for a general like Senna, a champion with low mobility.

Dark Sword: New equipment of season 10 with the old passive of Draktharr. A tool that detects an enemy’s vision, has Senna’s favorite kill power and stats, reduces cooldown.

Soul Scythe: Best equipment for Senna, combined very well with the Promoting Gem. Grants cooldown reduction, critical strike, and mana regeneration on the attack. Overall this is the perfect equipment for Senna LoL.

Incense burner: If your teammates rely heavily on basic attacks. This will be an item to help maximize their damage with the ability to heal and create your armor. Also, a bit of movement speed and mana regeneration is not bad.


At the beginning of the match, Senna’s laning goal will be to poke the opponent while keeping a safe distance. Take advantage of mistakes in movement and use Binding to establish life-threatening situations. Dark Piercing is Senna’s primary tool for draining enemies’ blood and healing herself. 

This skill can be used almost on any unit including Zyra’s tree. This skill is actually a little longer than the actual one. So you can safely gather souls through this technique if you can’t reach them. Also can use this skill on soldiers thereby damaging enemies.

When in the middle and at the end of the game, focus on looking at the small map, look for opportunities to use ult to save teammates, or hunt the network. Always be with the strongest of your team or gunner to be ready to support them. This is also the time when you need to collect as many souls as possible to increase your range and skill range. This is important when your team needs to focus on one another to push towers or dispute goals.

In teamfights, always stay in the back, as far away from your opponent as possible. The skillset and the passive allow you to do that. It is important to focus on protecting your main force while trying to eliminate or corner the enemy’s dangerous generals. Also, do not forget the task of plugging your wands. Move effectively, and safely to put the wands to control as much vision as possible.