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League of Legends: Senna the most versatile bot laner


As Season 11 of League of Legends started, one champion has become a beast in competitive play and has become a massively versatile pick. Senna has been a staple in professional play since her release, but may have just risen to a new height this season.


So far, the champion is one of the most popular bot laners and can be flexiones between supporting and carrying roles with ease. She is certainly a powerful pick in the current meta. But is it as versatile as many professional teams think it is?

A lot of success is seen by Fasting Senna

Support or fasting Senna, is a build that, as opposed to its other, more carry oriented, puts the champion in the support role that involves a composition to be built around it. In terms of lane partners, this has opened up many possibilities as teams can pair with another champion with their bot laner who consumes resources and does not take away much damage.

Some of the combinations include Wukong, Hiemerdinger, and Sion. All three have distinct synergies with Senna and add a further layer of damage to the team’s composition. This style of play is also the most optimal strategy at the moment, as support Senna has a much higher win rate at 56 per cent rather than 42 per cent.

She also tends to work well with many mages who like to flex to the bot lane like Syndra or Seraphine.

League of Legends Pro teams get creative 

Pro League of Legends teams have become increasingly creative with Senna and what they like to pair with. In either a supporting role, She can be associated with a tank champion or a mage champion.

 Both offer various advantages to each team, and will always be relevant to the game, as they are most able to expect more resources than the support of another champion.

Right now, a lot of teams are pairing Senna support with a tank champion like Galio and Tahm Kench or crafting a very powerful bot lane with a mage like Seraphine or Zilean. The type of lane mainly depends on the team’s solo laner champions or whether the team needs a strong mage presence or a tank to protect her.

Senna is currently a very powerful pick in professional play, but not to the point that it might need to be changed in a patch. The champion was released as a support, and since she is performing well in that role, Riot may not see a purpose to nerf her.