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League of Legends: Seraphine gets nerf in patch 11.5


League of legends Patch 11.5 is looking to be yet another big patch for the game, where the focus is on nerfing some of the most popular champions like Seraphine while also trying to bring new faces to the meta. 


The current meta has been entirely dominated by Seraphine in both the middle and the bot lanes, which is why Riot Games is going to give her a significant nerf. 

Udyr is another champion who’s going to see some balance changes, as he’s been on the dominant line of play. Nerfs are also coming to Rell, who took Summoner’s Rift by storm after her release. On the other hand, Riot’s going to buff Samira as she got a bit over nerf in the last patch.

Seraphine and Udyr are getting big nerfs in LoL patch 11.5.

It’s not surprising that Riot will adjust both Seraphine and Udyr in LoL patch 11.5. The two champions have been heavily represented in both competitive play and solo queue over the last few patches. 

Seraphine, in particular, has been difficult to deal with, as the pop star is viable in multiple lanes. This has made her a flex pick and close to a permanent ban in a number of competitive leagues.

To put Seraphine in a more balanced position, Riot is going to be heavily targeting her stage presence. This passive is seen to be very strong, especially in the bot lane where Seraphine is constantly surrounded by an ally. Riot’s going to tone down the cooldown on her Encore in the early game, but she’s going to keep her strong scaling untouched through her ultimate.

Udyr has been a pick in the jungle for most of season 11, and now he’s called for a nerf. In the current meta, players are maxing Phoenix Stance to do major burst damage and clear jungle camps in record-breaking times.

It is therefore only logical that Riot is targeting the Phoenix Stance damage to make it easier for other junglers to keep up with Udyr. Heshould still be in a playable spot after this, as his speed and potential for early game pressure will remain.

When will LoL patch 11.5 be released?

According to the LoL patch 11.5 schedule by Riot Game, 11.5 will hit live servers on March 3. Until then, changes will be made available for testing in the Public Beta Environment (PBE).