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Shadow Fight 3 Guide – Tips And Tricks To Help You Win A Fight

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a role-playing RPG fighting game made for iOS and Android that combines a poignant story with intense sword combat and magical abilities. Becoming a great fighter requires a lot of strategy and practice. Follow the tips in this guide to learn how to win skirmishes and beat your opponents in the game.

Learn Combos

Shadow Fight 3 2

Combination moves are crucial to defeating your opponents and winning duels in Shadow Fight 3. Special moves can be equipped on your weapons and gear by opening them up. lock the corresponding ability cards for an item.

Once you equip an ability on your weapon or equipment, you will be able to perform that special move in combat. You may have to experiment a bit in Training when you unlock a new ability, as sometimes the controls for doing an ability aren’t explicitly stated. However, the controls for the new abilities will pop up on screen during combat, so keep an eye out. However, combos will help you overwhelm your opponent in a duel and will allow you to earn better rewards afterward.

Save Shadow Energy – Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 1

The “shadow” part of the game deals with Shadow Energy that your character uses to perform powerful attacks and special moves. The Shadow Energy bar is located just below your health bar. When the bar is full, you can press up on the navigation pad in combination with the Shadow Energy button to start Shadow mode.

While in Shadow mode, you can perform your special attacks, along with the stronger versions of your basic attacks. If you can help, keep using your Shadow Energy until at least Round 2 so it’s there when you need it. When starting Shadow mode, be sure to stand back to your opponent to prevent them from interrupting or blocking your Shadow move.

Swap Out Gear

As you continue to unlock card packs and chests in Shadow Fight 3, you will receive different weapons and equipment that will have better and better stats. It’s easy to get into the habit of using the same weapon over and over again, but eventually, you’ll want to swap out your weapons and armor for higher stat gear. This will ensure that you are prepared for the increasing difficulty of your opponents in each mission and chapter. Also, don’t forget to equip your device with new abilities as they become available.

Be Unpredictable – Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

Just as you are trying to predict what your opponent will do, they will also try to inform your moves. A skilled opponent that sees you repeatedly spamming the same combo will try to adapt to your moves and effectively stop you. Try to use a combination of high, medium, and low attacks to avoid being too predictable in combat. This will also help you fill up your Shadow Energy bar faster.

Practice Makes Perfect

In Shadow Fight 3, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with your weapons, abilities, and skills. Before you can dive into the story campaign, you need to hone your skills as a warrior. Each weapon has a unique feel and will handle slightly differently than the others. Tap the three bars in the upper left corner to enter Training and practice your fighting skills against Gizmo. You’ll also need to play a few duels to level up your character and earn better gear.

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