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Shadow Man Remastered – Things You Should Know Before Started

Shadow Man

Shadow Man is a game commonly remembered by anyone old enough to play it when it was originally released on PC, Playstation, N64, and Dreamcast in 1999. Based on the Valiant comic series of the same name, the game Yes The player is playing as Michael Leroi, a man gifted with supernatural powers by a voodoo priestess. Together, they must work to stop the Legion, who seek to bring about the apocalypse. 

Lock-On And Circle-Strafe


Shadow Man will have players face a range of enemies, many of which attack with ammo-based weapons. Avoiding them can be quite difficult for anyone who has played newer games like Uncharted or Gears of War. This was before including mechanics became a staple of third-person game design, after all.

The game can be played from a third-person perspective, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply some good OLE first-person shooter tactics to gain an edge. One such tactic was the use of Circle-Strefing, in which the player took turns around enemies to dodge bullets, all while facing them and firing back. In the dark, you can achieve something close to this by using the lock feature to help you dodge bullets more effectively.

Light Up The Dark – Shadow Man

Shadow Man 2

Deadside is the in-game equivalent of hell or the spiritual underworld. This is reflected in its overall aesthetic. It includes various caves and hidden chambers, many of which are completely shrouded in darkness.

Before spinning up the game’s brightness setting to the highest, it was actually possible to use the Flamebeau (one of several weapons available for use in the deadly parts of the game) to light up areas dark. The effect is more pronounced in the Remastered version, where a reworked lighting system makes excellent use of each pixel’s light. Just be mindful of the fact that using it too often can deplete your magic meter, which you will inevitably need when you need to throw those fireballs at enemies instead.

Avoiding Trigger Points

Shadow Man 1

This should definitely appeal to all the Spedgling Speedrunners out there, or anyone just looking to shave a few minutes off their overall playtime. In Shadow Man, the story is fleshed out through several cutscenes, many of which can drag in a bit, especially if you have to sit through them before. Thankfully, they can be skipped a few seconds at the press of a button.

But for anyone willing to skip the wait altogether, they’ll be happy to know that this is possible without resorting to cheats or mods. This is because the cutscenes are triggered whenever the player approaches certain areas or specific points in the level. To avoid them, the player can use alternate routes to bypass where those cutscenes are triggered, sometimes involving slight drops along overhead ledges or jumping over gaps, Developers did not account.

Hidden Areas – Shadow Man

Shadow Man

There are many hidden areas and secrets for players to find during their adventures. This often involves them going off the beaten path in search of them. But more often than not, those secrets can be hidden in plain sight, or somewhere above the player. The game involves quite a few platforms and verticals.

The key is knowing where to look – and even more importantly, how to get the cheese to get there. Wall jumping is a tactic you’ll find yourself using quite often, as this allows you to perform impossible jumps. It’s worth noting that it works more effectively for sheer surfaces as opposed to sloping ones, so use each wall you find appropriately and timing the perfect jumpers.