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Shadow Warrior 2 Guide – 5 Best Upgrades To Get

Shadow Warrior 2 Guide

Shadow Warrior 2’s upgrade system has a lot to offer. There are many different gems to choose from, but these are the best. At first glance, the upgrade system in Shadow Warrior 2 can be a bit weird to bother you, but in this fast FPS from Flying Wild Hog, the way you get stronger as you progress allows for an infinite amount of customization big. In this Shadow Warrior 2 guide, there are the 5 best upgrades to get.

Loaded Treasure – Shadow Warrior 2 guide

Shadow Warrior 2 Guide

You find a ton of loot, money, and weapons in Shadow Warrior 2. In fact, it’s almost impossible to complete the quest without your gear from all the sundries you pick up on way. While most can be sold off or discarded, sometimes a good grind session is needed to get resources.

To help with this, any upgrades with the name Reload or Treasure are worth keeping an eye on as these will increase your chances of finding loot as well as improve the quality of certain drops. These types of upgrades are pretty common, and they’re a great way to get you some extra gear if you need a new weapon in the short term.

Stinging Keen

Shadow Warrior 2 is a game that doesn’t wait around for you to get strong, Devils increase in difficulty as you progress, and pretty quickly you can hit a wall if you don’t keep up. To level the field, hunting down any Stinging Keen gems should be a priority thing.

These sparkly little stones pack a pretty powerful upgrade that boosts your Critical Hit Chances, and they skyrocket in quality even more late in the game. Pairing it with a weapon that has high Crit damage or increases the percentage even further, like the Stick of Doom with a 50% buff to Critical Hit Chance. For example, is a great way to create extreme build strong and broken borders in the game.

Carnivorous Predator – Shadow Warrior 2 guide

While you can heal with Chi techniques in Shadow Warrior 2, often in the heat of battle you won’t have time to stop for a few seconds and regain your hit points. But having something that sucks up health like a vampire monster can often get you through some fights and tougher boss encounters.

Any gems labeled Predator should be preferred as these upgrades will reward you with a generous amount of health for each kill. Plus, with the game’s tendency to spawn swarms that you can shred in seconds, it’s an easy way to keep your health at its peak for the time being.

Destructive Wound

Shadow Warrior 2 Guide

While it’s primarily a single-player experience, Shadow Warrior 2’s Co-op mode is a lot of fun and often brings along a friend to help make a particularly tough fight or just explore the possible world. extremely interesting.

Flying Wild Hog is well aware of this, which is why there are in-game upgrades to provide bonuses when you play multiplayer. The wound of Destruction type gems is by far some of the most useful in this situation as they increase the damage done by the party in a specific area. So if your party is ripping off areas or you’re struggling with a particular boss this gem can give your party quite a bit of damage boost.

Explosive Blow Up – Shadow Warrior 2 guide

Shadow Warrior 2 Guide

The last upgrade in this Shadow Warrior 2 guide, oftentimes, the simplest changes can be the most fun to use. The Explosive Blow Up gems are the perfect example. Relatively understandably, this is the best and weirdest mod in the game as it can turn any projectile fired from any weapon.

It can be paired with bows, pistols, SMGs, shotguns, and any ammunition that doesn’t have a launcher, turning their payload into an explosive nightmare. One cool thing about this upgrade is that it doesn’t seem to count as elemental damage, so it can be used as an alternative to Demons that might be immune to specific elements.