July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

Simple Esports Betting At CMD368: Easy To Play, Easy To Win

Esports Betting

Esports Betting

Join Esports betting – online e-sports on CMD368, players will easily have an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to earn a huge bonus.

Esports overview

Esports Betting

Esport is the common name of electronic sports games with antagonistic properties, competing between players to upgrade and achieve the highest positions of the game.

Formerly, Esports is considered games as useless, unhealthy and not recognized by many people. Nowadays, e-sports is gradually recognized as a professional sport such as football, badminton … There are big competitions on esports, where players are professional gamers, the prizes are worth up to hundreds of thousands, even tens of millions of USD.

The outstanding Esports Games can be mentioned as Dota 2, League of Legends (LOL), StarCraft II, Call of Duty or Counter-Strike … Some great prizes for Esports must be including LOL – League of Legends (more than 14 million USD), Fortnite tournament (about 20 million USD), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (prize worth up to 23 million USD), Dota 2 (estimated nearly 42 million USD), etc.

What Esports games does CMD368 have?

CMD368 – Asia’s leading bookmaker develops more than 15 games at Esports Betting, in which, some outstanding games attract a large number of players including LOL, Dota 2, CS: GO, Rainbow6, PUGB, Fornite

Types of odds/bets popular at CMD368 E-Sports

Esports Betting

Handicap betting

Handicap in E-Sports can be either round/match or other units depending on the game. The spreads here are just “Handicap”. Handicap is a way of making a sports game fairer and therefore more interesting on the objects being staked. In E-sport betting, the handicap is made by giving a team/player a number of rounds/matches.

Over/Under bet

Over / Under (O / U) is an Esports betting on the given match statistics (usually a combination of the scores of 2 teams), the player who bets the actual result of the match will be higher. or lower than the statistics.

Minutes: Total number provided for the duration of a map (in minutes). If the map time is shorter than the time indicated, the “Under” bet is the winner, and the “Over” bet is a losing bet. If the map time is longer than the time indicated, the “Over” bet is the winner, and the “Under” bet is a losing bet. If the map ends exactly with the indicated number of minutes, the “Over” bet is the winner, and the “Under” bet is a losing bet.

LoL Esports betting experience

Esports Betting

LoL Esports betting is where players will place bets based on the outcome of the battle or the outcome of that tournament. At this time, the dealer will make a match based on the strength of the two teams, the player will choose the bet that suits him or believe that the bet will win.

The popular bets in League of Legends Esports betting:

  • Bet on which team will win the match
  • Bet on the team to win the tournament
  • Bet on the team to win or lose according to the handicap
  • Bet on the number of rounds in the battle
  • Bet on which team will take the First Blood.
  • Bet on the team that can break the turret first
  • Bet on the team to win the pentakill
  • Bet is based on the total time of the fight
  • Bet on which team will take Baron First
  • Bet on Baron O/U
  • Bet on Dragon O/U
  • Bet on which team will take Dragon First

Some Esports betting experiences

  • Do not bet on the First Blood bet, this is a very attractive bet but very dangerous. Therefore, the advice for you who want to secure your Esports betting is that we should not bet too broadly this bet. Even though there is a difference in rankings between the two teams, according to the experts of League of Legends, in the first 10 minutes of the match, the level of the team was almost the same.
  • Bet on the championship team is a very important bet, not only because it is the final result of a tournament, but the stakes are also extremely large. Pay attention to betting on teams that have ranked from last season, teams that have high rankings, or have good performance in the outside series.