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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Sin Kiske Special Moves, Instant Kill

Sin Kiske

First introduced in Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Sin is the happy son of Ky Kiske and Dizzy, who fell in love with each other after the events of Accent Core. Due to the Gear bloodline inherited from Dizzy, Sin grows extremely rapidly after birth; with Ky ruling a nation and Dizzy stalled, Sin’s nurturing was given to the bounty hunter and fellow Gear Sol Badguy. Under Sol’s tutelage, Sin travels with him around the world in search of bounties, carrying most of their gear along the way. Sin Kiske is slowly feeling warm with his father, and with his mother now, he sees Sol as a teacher and father.

Sin Kiske Playstyle

Sin Kiske

Sin Kiske is an all-around character, boasting an excellent neutral game, extremely high damage, and solid tools to put pressure and dive. Sin’s agility and sheer damage allow him to do just about anything – as long as he isn’t hungry.


  • Low Entry Barrier: Sin’s neutrality is simple and very rewarding. His combos are the most popular and easy to confirm.
  • Neutral Monsters: Good texture with a great balance between speed and reach, such as 6P, f.S, 2S, Beak Driver (236H), and Elk Hunt (236K).
  • High damage: Among the highest consistent damage in the game, and he doesn’t need to be stressed about it.
  • Powerful Okizeme Game: Sin’s most ground-based combos allow him to set a safe shot or a high-low mix with his jump (214P / K) and j.H / j.D.
  • Strong Pressure / Calories Safe: Special Sin Kiske can cancel his special moves using his food gauge, allowing him to safely and strongly apply pressure.


  • Resource Credibility: Requires better and much weaker food management when food is low. Occasionally have to give up benefits to eat.
  • Weak to Burst: Exploding during combo/attack before eating can put Sin in a difficult position if he spends a lot of food.
  • Wake up time 30f on face: Some characters receive a specific okizeme against Sin if they take him down on the face.
  • Limited aggregation routes: Sin relies heavily on the threat from his special moves within the blockchains, meaning he doesn’t have complex aggregation routes. Sin’s pressure and calorie-free combination are much less intimidating than them.
  • Strong pressure stats: Sin’s rust is very good, but faster-moving steps like 2P, 5K, and 2K are very short.

Special Moves

  • Calorie Gauge: Sin Kiske starts each round with 10,000 Calories (maximum 16,000). Every time Sin uses a special attack (except 214 + P / K and 214 + HS), he will burn 1,000 Calories.
  • Hawk Baker: Invincible until active frames, but can be a relatively unreliable reversal given it has a small hitbox and a small number of active frames.
  • Beak Driver: Due to its sheer range, relatively fast launch, and mostly a discrete hitbox on the second hit, it’s clear why this alone makes the other characters think twice when playing the game on the ground with Sin Kiske, like on CH (2nd hit) or with 50 meters, it translates into a painful full match with the right amount of calories.
  • I’m Sure I’ll Hit Something: Long-range air attack; Cannot unlock the air if not FD’d. If you hit the flag’s head while the opponent is in flight, it will deal ~ 10% less damage but will make them bounce higher than when you hit the mid-flag.
  • Elk Hunt: The low-profile slide is used in the neutral state, as a mixed buffer, as a frame trap, or as a blockchain terminator, although it is now even above the block.
  • Leap: Do not use any calorie meter, even if canceled from another special program. Useful for closing unexpected, punishing distances or for creating safer special conditions without the use of calories or general positioning.
  • Still Growing: There is a sizable recovery, so you usually want to use it after taking kills or when you push them away with a blocked special.
  • Vulture Seize: Combination of aerial combination into Air Beak Driver, as well as confirmation of cost increase/blur.

Sin Kiske Instant Kill

Sin Kiske


  • Indicate the right time for you, your opponent in Hellfire mode and you have 50% Stress
  • Inalienable: 1-17 All
  • Uses animation of his first shot in 2H.
  • This move is only practical if you can stun the opponent long enough to escape or when the conditions for IK combo are met.
  • The launch attack also happens to be one of the most detrimental to the IK on the block, involving Millia only.