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SKADE vs Double Poney Prediction – Elisa Invitational Fall – 09/27

SKADE vs Double Poney Prediction

SKADE vs Double Poney prediction on September 27, 2021. Just passed the first 2 rounds of the Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 group stage, but both SKADE and Double Poney are showing that they are worthy candidates to go deep into the tournament when they won both matches.

SKADE Overview

SKADE vs Double Poney Prediction

SKADE is currently in the lead thanks to a slightly better difference than Double Poney. This is also an attractive bet because it is not known which cat bites in the context that both sides have advantages and limitations. 

The world rankings are not too far apart and this can be said to be a very balanced match. The team that makes fewer mistakes will be the ones who get the final victory. They climb to the top group with a great opportunity to participate in the playoffs without being too concerned about the results of the remaining matches.

Double Poney Overview

SKADE vs Double Poney Prediction

Double Poney is currently playing extremely well with a winning streak of all 5 matches. They will be full of determination to enter this match against SKADE without fear of anything. They are currently ranked 29th in the world, 9 places lower than SKADE. So be careful anyway since SKADE has not been the medium form so far. 

In 11 times against SKADE, Double Poney only won 3 and the rest received 8 defeats. Therefore, SKADE will be somewhat appreciated even if the performance is not equal to Double Poney at the moment. As long as their entire team plays at their best, especially the position of dennyslaw knows how to shine at the right time. The final victory will probably call SKADE’s name only.

SKADE vs Double Poney Prediction

Double Poney they didn’t even get tired of SKADE before this bo3 match took place. The odds of winning the maps of these two teams are very balanced, so it is impossible to say anything after the match ends. 

SKADE while playing well in Mirage, Inferno, and Overpass, three of these maps have over 62% win rate. Other maps are playable but the rate is not as high as Double Poney. It is not excluded that SKADE will target Nuke or Ancient to ban them while Double Poney they are extremely afraid of Mirage. Because this is often the first ban of this team all the time. 

SKADE vs Double Poney Prediction

The possibility of the match entering the 3rd game is extremely high because they are all playing very well at the moment. As well as having at least 1 winning game on the map of their choice. Playing tit-for-tat from the beginning of the game, both SKADE and Double Poney only took a moment to probe before “heating up”. Chasing each other to win each round at the upcoming 5 to 10 touchpoint. 

The skills of the two teams are considered to be equal. Although SKADE they are probably slightly better in terms of gameplay as well as the chemistry of the members. Therefore, they will take advantage of their strengths to control key positions. Long or bombsite areas in both T-side or CT-side. Double poney’s rush to find equalizer wins will cost them dearly against SKADE. 

SKADE vs Double Poney Bet Prediction

SKADE vs Double Poney total score prediction: 2 – 1

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: SKADE 
  • Game 2: Double Poney
  • Game 3: Double Poney

Total rounds: 26,5

  • Game 1: SKADE 16 – 10 Double Poney (Choose SKADE – Under)
  • Game 2: SKADE 13 – 16 Double Poney (Choose Double Poney – Over)
  • Game 3: SKADE 16 – 12 Double Poney (Choose SKADE – Over)


SKADE: SHiPZ, Duplicate, dennyslaw, KalubeR, Rainwaker

Double Poney: Body, Ex3rcice, Lucky, Djoko, afro