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Skyrim guide – Skyrim Elysium explained and how to play

Skyrim guide

Skyrim Elysium modpack has become a big deal for many players, a huge selection of mods, improvements, changes, and customization options have elevated the fifth Elder Scrolls game and made it something new and fresh.

Skyrim Elysium explained

The Skyrim Elysium modpack is a major general upgrade to Skyrim that includes hundreds of new mods to add new quests, items, graphics, characters, and more, some of which expand to locations and add-ons brand new supplements in the world. 

Skyrim guide

Elysium is also designed to be fully compatible with Creator Club (though it is not required that you add Creative Club content). As with all mods, there are a few “buyers beware” things to keep in mind – we’ve only heard positive things about the Elysium modpack and the TitansBane creator, but you’re changing the game and your computer.

Elysium modpack contains dozens of mods, changing pretty much every aspect of the game in one way or another, from small improvements and tweaks to major redesigns. It even includes the original Forgotten City mod, a brand new quest that has turned into a critically-acclaimed indie game.

Skyrim Elysium for consoles

At the time of writing, Skyrim Elysium is a PC and Steam exclusive – it’s not available on Xbox or PlayStation ports. It is also not compatible with any form of Anniversary Edition, although players who previously released the Special Edition can still play it. 

The cause of this seems to be some keycode change which means it’s not currently compatible with the Wabbajack modpack installer. Until we have other information, we cannot recommend it either, although it is possible that efforts are underway to make Wabbajack work with the new form of the game, along with all previous mods.

Estate explained

Skyrim guide

One point of confusion here is that there is also a very popular mod on Nexus Mods by the creator of thejadeshadow called Elysium Estate. This mod is also exclusive to PC and Special Edition, but essentially introduces a large, teeming house of the same name just outside the city of Whiterun, a house into which the player can move into and own in the same way as any house in the Hearthfire DLC. However, it is much better, and those who value real estate can always take a look at the mod here.

How to install

  • Installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package
  • Steam Config, Disable the Steam Overlay
  • Change Steams Update Behavior
  • Clean Skyrim
  • Start Skyrim: After you’ve done everything above and are ready to do a clean install of SSE, start the Launcher and let the Launcher do an initial graphical check. Don’t worry about this part because the settings will replace these graphics settings. Start the game and exit when you are on the main menu.
Skyrim guide

It also requires you to download a mod called Wabbajack which is kind of an automatic mod list installer for Skyrim. Basically, once you have Wabbajack set up, you can effectively put Elysium in there and get it running as easily as possible (all of this is explained in the Elysium installation guide). It also recommends removing Skyrim and downloading it first, just to make sure you have a clean copy that hasn’t been altered by any existing mods.