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“Slam Dunk” Mobile Games is finally released

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk” Mobile Games is finally released! Available Now for iOS and Android. Download Slam Dunk Now and Compete with Millions of Players!

Slam Dunk

“SLAM DUNK” is based on the classic Japanese basketball comic , supervised by Toei Animation. Slam is one of the popular anime that will always remain in the heart of anime and manga fans around the world. The story portraits how Hanamichi Sakuragi starts as an outsider then finally becomes the core player of his team, and how he fought along with them to pursue the goal of becoming the National Champions. 

Slam is a real-time PvP esports mobile game distributed by DeNA and is available on android and IOS. Now Players around the world are able to recreate the gorgeous dunks and shots to relive those passionate and touching moments!!

A Brand-New Talent System – Slam Dunk

Players can play as different characters from each high school in “Slam“, and can simulate all kinds of Skills and Talents such as “Jelly Layup “and “Euro-Step”, just like in the original series. Use the new Talent System to unlock more advanced moves and customize your own characters by strengthening specific abilities.

Ranking System, Dominate the World

SLAM DUNK” allows the players to play in Battle Mode and Ranked Matches. The Ranking System breaks down into nine different levels such as “Strong Bench Player”, “Starting Player” and “SLAM DUNK“. New season starts twice a month and Honor Divisions encourage players to compete with one another in the same region.

Slam Dunk

7 Days Rookie Check-in Reward

Login for 7 days and get awesome rewards, including “Profil Takenori Akagi” and “Profil Kengo Murasame”.You can also select the Exclusive Training Kit for Takenori or Kogure.

Ryonan’s Best Player Slot

Get special offers such as Training Card and Skill Training Card, and the opportunity to obtain Legendary Crystal to be redeemed with “Info Akira Sendoh ”, Ryonan’s best player, and his Training Card.

Star Players, Japanese and English Dubbed

“SLAM DUNK” goal is to create a nostalgic feeling for players. Besides classic scenes and Star Players, it is also dubbed in both Japanese and English between which players are free to choose from.

Future Plans for SLAM DUNK

Slam will keep on presenting online tournaments to bring the best gaming experience. Kenji Fujima, Toru Hanagata, and Hanamichi Sakuragi’s will be released soon after one another. The advanced competition mode such as the Grand Tournament will be unlocked as well. For more news and information. Stay tuned to the Slam Dunk official Facebook page for more official announcements.