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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Slayer Special Moves, Instant Kill


Slayer is a close combat fighter character, slippery moving, and explosive damage. His range was limited to fists and legs, but he was difficult to challenge once he got in. Many of his attacks specialize in immortality, mix, and counter-attacks, spreading suspicion and confusion in his opponents’ minds. Guess wrong and he will have a party.

Slayer Pros & Cons



  • Health: High stun resistance and above-average health, with recovery on command.
  • Meter: Generates a lot of rapid tension.
  • Damage: High damage and stunning on landing and when consuming resources.
  • Defense: Strong backdash Properties allow Slayer to get rid of multiple settings.
  • Combination: Many options put strong pressure on opponents when awakened and during blocking.
  • Move dodge: There are some attacks that are difficult to hit continuously.


  • Mobility: Large pain box and limited range make it difficult for opponents to reach.
  • Safe: Some attacks are unsafe and can be punished by the opponent for high profits.
  • Inconsistent reward: Low reward without a meter or counterattack.
  • Counterplay: Opponents always have access to options to prevent him from controlling speed.
  • Explosion: Before dealing massive damage, opponents almost always have a guaranteed point to explode.

Special Moves

  • Mappa Hunch: The K Mappa does a good long way. A great tool to narrow down the ban. Also great for recapturing recoil attempts and if it hits them, he can track with a 5P jump-canceled air combo.
  • Bloodsucking Universe: His throw command. Put the opponent in a staggered, concealed state, but leave Slayer in an advantageous position where he can try a number of different types of tracking – 6H, 2H, IAD, another bite, etc.
  • Dandy Step: Start moving on to his many special Moves back and then forward.
  • Pilebunker:

Pilebunker will behave differently based on which step you use:

P Intensive step> P

Basic Attack: The opponent is sent flying on the screen.

Counterhit: Wallbounce.

K Clumsy step> P

Basic Attack: The opponent is sent flying on the screen, but will also stick a wall near the corner.

Counterhit: Land collapsed.

  • Crosswise Heel: Used as a double-track anti-air strike from passing steps.
  • Under Pressure: Used in neutral cases for clock construction and for fishing for punitive blows.
  • It’s Late: Track costs from under pressure. Often used as a meat dish by first whistling. Take the pressure of an opponent’s wake and timing.
  • Helter Skelter: Dandy took the next step that overtook the opponent. May be blitated or blocked if the reaction is expected.
  • Footloose Journey: Can be used to move a large portion of a stage horizontally quickly to get a certain distance, or used to stay in position for a brief moment if used after a jump straight.
  • Undertow: It is very slow to unblock, although you can cancel it. Much of it is a gimmick but can be used to monetize competitors whose RISC doesn’t support it.

Slayer Instant Kill


All Dead

  • Indicate the right time for Slayer, your opponent in Hellfire mode and you have 50% Stress
  • Use his 5D animation.