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Slime Rancher Guide – Tips And Tricks To Being A Top Rancher

Slime Rancher

In an industry completely filled with fast-paced multiplayer shooters, infuriating Soulslikes, and heart-pounding survival games, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and relax with an assortment of games. play more comfortably. This is exactly the kind of experience that Slime Rancher offers players. The whole point is to travel around a colorful and varied world while collecting different adorable slimes to feedback to the farm.

Start With Two Corrals – Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher 2

Once the player has enough money to do so, they should build two stables and two gardens on their farm. In one of the murals, they should put some pink Slimes and in the other, they should fill with Rock Slimes. Then the player should plant carrots in both gardens. This will give players a very stable income as they will be able to raise these Slimes easily and can harvest whenever they want without having to go looking for them. 

It’s probably not a good idea to keep Tabby Slimes on the farm until the player has a reliable source of chickens and the income to build a taller barn to prevent escape.

Corral Upgrades – Slime Rancher

Once players have some extra money, they’ll want to start investing in some upgrades to their ink paintings. It’s a good idea to first build higher walls and an air mesh on top so that more Slimes can get inside without causing them to escape. Additionally, players will eventually want to invest in an automatic feeder and garbage collector for a crank. 

These upgrades will make the player’s life infinitely easier as they won’t have to forage or manually collect from their slime. Instead, they simply fill the feeder and then suck up whatever material the collector collects over time. This also gives players more time to explore the world on their own terms.

Switch Up Selling Habits

Slime Rancher 1

The market in Slime Rancher can actually be very complex. The more a player sells of the same type, the lower the price of the actual one will decrease. The trick to avoiding this is to save a lot of one variety and then sell them all at once. When the price drops, players will want to switch to selling the other and then wait for the market value to reset before selling the first one. The market resets every day, so players will need to wait all day to check the price.

Completing Tasks

While completing various quests for ranchers is a good way to earn money and resources, players can also earn different types of special rewards this way. There are three unique regions in the world that can only be accessed by completing quests for Mochi, Ogden, and Viktor. In turn, these areas will allow players to gain access to special Slimes, complete various quests for these ranchers, and even eventually get new expansions for the farm. theirs which cannot be obtained in any other way.

Explore Thoroughly

Slime Rancher

Once players really start to explore the world, they’ll come across dozens of different secrets and hidden areas that are out of the way. Players looking to get even further into the game will want to scour every nook and cranny they go through to keep track of everything Slime Rancher has to offer.

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