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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Bayonetta – Combos And Moves



The main strength of Bayonetta is her ability to dominate the air and her excellent attacks in the air. She excels at putting pressure on others in air-to-air and her combos ensure that other players never reach the ground. She also has the ability to jump walls and cling to walls. Her only downside is being slow and most of her attacks are much slower than the other slow characters in the game.

Bayonetta Moveset

Neutral Attacks

She has four neutral attacks. The first two attacks deal 1.4 damage, the third will deal 2.2 damage while the last neutral move will deal 0.2 × 4, 0.5, and 5 attacks when you deal damage. damage and increase the number of hits by holding the button. The first three attacks were normal pistol punches.

If you finish the combo by holding the attack button, Bayonetta will finish the combo with up to 10 low damage shots. These shots also pass through the enemy so they will hit every warrior in their way. These attacks are not capable of knocking down so other fighters can quickly strike back with their attacks. You can hold and perform the ending animation by holding down the attack button after any neutral attack.

Dash Attack

Her Dash’s attacks deal 10 damage. She will rush towards the enemy and use your gun to punch your enemies and take them down. Her activation is slow, but she will do a decent amount of damage. She will also slide forward a bit after performing the attack, so be mindful of the environment.

At the end of this move, Bayonetta will need some time to recover, which can be easily exploited if your opponent blocks the move. Sometimes if you are lucky, she will break through the block if it is not strong enough and reach the other side of them to prevent you from getting hit by a counterattack. Also, getting blocked at this attack is a bad idea.

Bayonetta Special Moves


Neutral Special – Bullet Climax

This special attack deals damage from 1.4 × 4 to 16. This attack comes in two versions and she will continue to switch between them. In the first part, she will fire four shots from the gun in front of her. The second time, she will shoot from the guns under her feet. In both attacks, you can keep pressing the special button to add up to 16 more shots to the same attack.

Side Special – Heel Slide/After Burner Kick

This special attacks the original 8 attacks and you can add 0.5 × 3 and 5 damage to this attack by holding the button. For Air Side Special, the attack will kill 7 damage per hit. If done during diving, this would cause 6.5 when going down and 5 when impacting the ground. As you can see, this can be done in 3 different ways.

Up Special – Witch Twist

This attack deals 3 damage and you can also add 0.2 × 5 and 3 more damage to this attack. Witch Twist is her fastest attack. For this attack, Bayonetta jumps up and carries her opponent. During this trip, she will keep hitting enemies and then blow them up. This puts them in the perfect position for an After Burner Kick.

Down Special – Witch Time

This is a more defensive attack as she will turn upside down and be ready to resist any attack that comes his way. Any incoming attacks will automatically trigger the Sorcerer’s Time during this phase. If any attacks hit her during this phase, everything will be slowed down except for her and give her time to attack the enemy. This is the ultimate strike that can really confuse your opponent.

Final Smash – Infernal Climax


When your Final Smash meter is full, activate your Final Smash and it will slow everything around you except for Bayonetta. A timer appears on the display along with another meter. Fill this timer with hitting enemies before the timer runs out and she will launch her Final Smash.

She will free Gomorrah, a Demon of Hell, and some buttons on the screen will appear. Press the buttons to continue the attack. When you press the correct buttons, the amount of damage will continue to increase.