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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Bowser – Combos And Moves


In addition to his towering physique, Bowser is also very heavy and this is evident in his attacks. He is also much harder to take down than other boxers in the game, and even air or ground-launched attacks are not much effective on him due to his sheer weight. It would be difficult for him to move behind him, let alone fly in the air after an attack.

Bowser moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has two neutral attacks. The first one deals 4 damage while the second deals 6 damage. Bowser uses his giant fists to hit enemies with palms. The first attack landed a bit slow and could be exploited by warriors who were superior in attack speed. Press the attack button again to rotate the second hand. This is a slow attack, so use it when you know you have windows for it.

Dash Attack

His Dash Attack deals 12 damage to enemies. In these attacks, he will use his legs to hit enemies after rushing towards them and tossing them into the air. This gives you the chance to follow a powerful attack or a combo.

Defensive Attacks

His Ledge Attack will deal 10 damage and his Wake-Up Attack will deal 7 hits. In both of these attacks, he cannot be beaten.

Special Moves


Neutral Special – Fire Breath

It deals damage from 1.8 × 1 to 12. This attack is great for crowd control and making the enemy run away from you. Bowser will spit fire out of his mouth and continue to do so until the fire goes out. This takes 10 seconds to cool down once you have executed this attack. Enemies that are in the flames will be damaged as long as they are in the flames, so they have no choice but to run away.

Side Special – Flying Slam

It deals 18 damage. During this attack, he will grab any nearby enemies and pull them towards him. After that, he will jump high in the air and return to the ground like a giant fortress and deal massive damage to enemies upon impact. Anyone near the explosion area or below he will take massive damage.

Up Special – Whirling Fortress

It deals 1 × 6 and 6 damage if used on the ground and deals 7, 1 × 10, and 2 damage if used in the air. This move can be performed in the air and on the ground, however, both variations are different. If Bowser is on the ground, he will start shooting in place by hitting anything near it. You can move him left or right while he is spinning.

Final Smash – Giga Bowser Punch

His Final Smash’s attack is Giga Bowser Punch. Once the energy is full, you can unleash this powerful attack in which he turns huge and then punches now very small enemies in the face. A pointer will appear on the screen allowing you to target the tiny opponent in front of you.

Punch them with a bigger punch than them. If there is more than one enemy in front of you, they will also be affected by the punch.