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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Bowser Jr. – Combos And Moves

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Bowser Jr. joined the other small Koopalings is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All combat outfits are exactly following him, so we’ll simply mention him in the instructions below. You can choose any skin and all of them will have the same moves and attacks in the game.

Bowser Jr. Moveset

Bowser Jr.

Neutral Attacks

Bowser Jr. has three neutral attacks. The first and second moves both deal 2 damage while the third deals 0.5 × 11 and 3 damage if you keep holding the button. During this attack, the clown vehicle will jump forward and unleash three boxing punches at the enemy. They have a decent range and attack fairly quickly. The attack cannot be interrupted either.

If you hold the button away from the enemy, the fist will be released continuously but if you press the button continuously, the punch will be accelerated. You can hold or touch to make any combination you want. Hold on for the third hit and you will start punching continuously.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 1.8 × 5 and 4 damage. The clown wagon will accelerate towards the enemy and release a saw from its mouth to hit the enemy. The first attack is a multi-hit attack while the second has a bit of a kill with it. It has a decent scope.

Defensive Attacks

Bowser Jr. has three defensive attacks. Edge attacks will deal 10 damage. A face-up wake-up attack deals 6 damage and a face-up wake-up attack deals 7 damage.

Bowser Jr. Special Moves

Neutral Special Attack – Clown Cannon

It deals 10-20 damage. In this attack, the clown vehicle will take out a large cannon and fire a large ball of cannon at the enemy. You can attack or launch it without rushing into the enemy. Charged attacks will take around 1.5 seconds to fire, and non-charged attacks will take 0.5 seconds to fire, which is his slowest attack.

Side Special Attack –Clown Kart Dash

It deals 7.4-4 damage while on the ground and 2.6-2 damage while in the air. For this attack, the vehicle will accelerate in the direction you chose to strike and continue crashing into whatever is blocking its way. You can control the clown vehicle to make it jump and also perform a spinning attack while it’s moving.

Down Special Attack – Mechakoopa

It deals 2 and 7 damage. With this attack, the clown vehicle will deploy a mechanized machine on the ground that will move around here and there to find enemies and follow them. They explode after a certain amount of time whether they find an enemy or not. You can deploy them in the air but their detonation timer only starts when they are on the ground.

Up Special Attack – Abandon Ship

It deals 5-13 damage when hit by a car and 15 damage if it hits. When you execute this attack, the clown car will push Koopaling out of there and rush down to the smoke. The car will explode after a certain amount of time and launch Koopaling into the air even more. Koopaling will then fall to the ground and will no longer be protected by the clown vehicle.

Final Smash – Shadow Mario Paint

Bowser Jr.

After the clock is full, you can open his Final Smash. On launch, enter an on-screen entry to place a giant X on Shadow Mario’s screen. After the X appeared on the screen, Clown car and Bowser Jr. were brought back to the stage.

All enemies standing on the X mark on the screen take damage and they continue to take damage as long as they are in X. You can use the combo to deal some extra damage during this time.