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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Captain Falcon – Combos And Moves

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is a very good fighter as he does a decent amount of damage as well as moves around the arena quickly. His running speed is one of the fastest in the game. He can also jump from walls and his jumping speed and fast fall trajectory are also fast. His combos do a high amount of damage.

Captain Falcon moveset

Captain Falcon

Neutral Attacks

He has four neutral attacks. The first two will deal 1.5 damage each while the third will deal 0.6 times the number of attacks and 3 times the damage with the captain’s fists and 5 times with the Captain’s knee. The basic neutral combo for him starts with one quick punch, then another, and then a volley punch or a knee kick that will throw enemies into the air.

Dash Attack

Dash Attack will deal 10 damage to enemies. For this attack, Captain Falcon will plunge at the enemy with his shoulders protruding in front of him. This will launch the enemy high and throw them back. This strike at the right time can also disrupt other air attacks.

Defensive Attacks

His Ledge’s attacks will deal 10 damage while his attacks on the face deal 6 damage and their wake-up attacks deal 7 damage.

Special Moves

Neutral Special – Falcon Punch

It deals 25 normal damage and 28 damage if hit while changing direction. This is his signature punch. The attack took a while to start, but the damage done made up for it. You cannot control him in this attack, so make sure you pick the right moment when the enemy is right in front of you.

Side Special – Raptor Boost

It deals 10 damage. In this attack, Captain Falcon will rush forward and land an attack from above on the enemy launching them into the air. This is great for setting enemies to track attacks. You can also use this attack in the air to punch the enemy downwards. This weak attack will be missed or shielded because you will be attacked by the opponent.

Up Special – Falcon Dive

It deals 5 and 13 damage. He will fly in the air in an explosion, grab the first enemy that comes into contact with him and throw them away. While going up, you can control the Captain’s direction a bit although this is not much. This could also be considered a grab because he grabs the enemy and then throws them away.

Down Special – Falcon Kick

Captain Falcon

It deals 15 damage to enemies. Captain Falcon will engulf himself in flames and fly forward while reaching out in the form of a kick. This attack is a very powerful attack as it damages as well as pushes the enemy back into the air. This can also be done in the air.

Final Smash – Blue Falcon

When the clock is full, launch the Blue Falcon, where he will jump in front of him and hit all enemies in front of him. Enemies hit by the Blue Falcon will land on a track, where an F-Zero machine will take them down.