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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Cloud – Combos And Moves



Cloud has many special moves and many of you will even recognize them as they emerge from Final Fantasy VII. His swords have a decent range and can strike enemies from a safe distance. He also comes with a special Limit Gauge that you can charge in battle to unleash more powerful attacks. This gauge when full increases his movement speed and damage.

Cloud Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three attacks in his basic neutral combo. The first hit will deal 2.5 damage, and the second and third hit will deal 3.5 damage. The attack begins with Cloud kicking the enemy with his left foot, then a kick from his right foot, and ultimately lifts the enemy into the air with his sword slash. This combo can be canceled at any time. You can hold down the button after the first hit to repeat the attack. This attack does normal damage and is also not as effective as his other attacks, so we advise against using this attack too much.

Dash Attack

His Dash Attack deals 11 damage and it can send enemies into the air. It has high launch power and early attacks also deal more damage to enemies than finishing hits. He increased his speed and then charged forward with the giant sword in front. This attack is great for against spot dodge, aerial dodge and ledge jump.

Defensive Attacks

His attacks deal 10 damage and wake up deals 7 damage.

Cloud Special Moves

Neutral Special Attack – Blade Beam

This special attack deals 8 damage while on the ground and 6.4 while in the air. If you activate the Limit Gauge, this will increase to 6, 2 × 5, 3 for the ground attack, and 4,8,1,6 × 5, 2,4 for the air attack. He will slash his sword on the ground to create a powerful wave force. This energy wave will travel long distances above ground in the direction it is launched.

Side Special Attack – Cross Slash

This special attack deals 4, 3, 3 × 2, and 6 damage while in the Limit Gauge mode, this attack is increased by 5 × 2, 3 × 2, and 10. This is a combination attack. His famous Cross Slash. The five attacks are launched in this attack dealing a sizable amount of damage to the enemy. Enemies hit by initial attacks can quickly heal and have a counterattack, so you should pay more attention.

Up Special Attack – Climhazzard

This attack deals 3,4,4,5 and 3.5 damage in normal mode while in Limits mode the damage increases to 6,7,4,5 and 3.5. In the early stages of this attack, he will rush at the opponent with his sword and then launch into the air at the enemy, where he will unleash a powerful dive and smash the enemy to the ground with his huge sword.

Down Special Attack – Limit Charge/Finishing Touch

During this attack, Cloud will stay in place and gather powers to fill his Limit of Measurement. It will take him about 6.5 seconds to fully charge the watch. When the gauge is full, re-enter the attack, and Finishing Touch’s special attack will be initiated. He will slash his sword over a large area in the form of a powerful slash.

Final Smash – Omnislash


When the meter is full, you can open Omnislash. This attack begins with Cloud rushing towards the enemy and hitting them. After that, this would rush upwards and unleash a series of rapid sword strikes that ended in a powerful blow to send all enemies to the ground. This is great if you are surrounded by enemies.