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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Corrin – Combos And Moves



Corrin comes from the world of the Symbols of Fire and wields a long sword as his primary weapon. She can also transform her limbs and arms when she transforms into a dragon form. In this form, she can attack devastating special that can take down enemies with ease. Her arms transform into Dragon Fang like spears and provide an outstanding range for attacking enemies.

Corrin Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has a four-attack Neutral combo. The first attack will deal 2.5 damage, the second 2 damage, the third 0.5 hits, 3, and the last deal 4 damage. For this attack, Corrin will use her left arm and turn it into a Dragon Fang on her first hit, after which she will use his sword in an upward slash. The end of this combo could be a dragon bite or a heavy sword strike that causes enemies to fly in the air.

Dragon bites deal more damage to enemies when compared to the heavy sword slash at the end of the combo. The only downside of this attack is that the enemy can slip away from the finishing blow, then won’t cause them to fly back and they can launch a counterattack. The complete combination is suitable for use by enemies who do not use a shield at the moment.

Dash Attack

His Dash Attack deals 2 × 5 damage and then ends with 3 additional damage. During this attack, he dashes into a traversing enemy and uses his sword as a drill. This will hit the enemy multiple times and then eventually cause them to fly into the air at the end of the attack. If you miss this attack, you will face a counterattack as it will take him a small amount of time to recover.

Defensive Attacks

His Ledge’s attacks deal 9 damage and Wake-up’s attacks deal 7 damage.

Corrin Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Dragon Fang Shot

Ammo will deal 4 damage while Dragon Bite will deal 10 damage. This is a two-step attack. He will shoot a bullet into her Dragon Fang arm and release it. This projectile attack was followed by a Dragon Fang’s bite. If you charge the Dragon Fang’s bite, its power will be increased.

Side Special – Dragon Lunge

His initial attack will deal 15 damage while his next attack deals 12. For this attack, he will jump forward with Dragon Fang extended in front of him. If the object hits the ground or a wall, Corrin can then perform four different moves. They can range from a back flight, a forward flight kick, back kick or jump into the air.

Up Special – Dragon Ascent

This attack deals 4.5, 1.2 × 5, and 3 damage to enemies for the entire attack. For this attack, he will fly in the air and launch enemies around above her with her and then drill her with various aerial attacks. She can control her upward direction with the joystick.

Down Special – Counter Surge

This move deals a minimum of 10 damage. This is a completely defensive move. He will transform into a semi-dragon form and be ready to defend against any incoming attacks. If someone attacks, he will complete his dragon transformation and smash the ground with a powerful AoE attack that will damage surrounding enemies.

Final Smash – Torrential Roar


When the Final Smash clock is full, you can activate the Final Smash Torrential Roar where Corrin will launch two beams of light in both directions. If these beams hit an enemy, he will transform into a giant dragon and unleash a maelstrom that can launch all players into the air affected by it.