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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Diddy Kong – Combos And Moves

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is a very agile fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He can use the enemy’s movement to his advantage and can perform some quick attacks depending on the enemy’s position. His best moves include placing Banana Peel traps across the map. You can trap your enemies, grapple, and easily deflect them with his agility.

Diddy Kong moveset

Diddy Kong

Neutral Attacks

His neutral combos hit the target three times. The first attack will deal 2 damage, the second will deal 1.5 damage, and the last will deal 4 damage along with throwing the enemy away. Diddy Kong will use his right hand to slap the enemy twice and end the attack with a powerful circular ball that knocks the enemy away. This is a short-range attack, so you will need to get up close and personal with your enemy.

Dash Attack

Diddy’s Dash Attack will unleash three attacks in quick succession with the first two dealing 2 damage and the finishing hitting 3 damage. This is a wheel strike in which Diddy will plunge at his enemy and then perform a wheel attack with three hits. In the end, your enemy will fly in the sky. This gives Diddy a chance to continue with another attack or combination.

Defensive Attacks

Diddy’s attacks will deal 9 damage and the awakening will deal 7 damage to enemies.

Diddy Kong Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Peanut Popgun

The peanuts are thrown deal 2 + 1,4-13 damage while the counterattack deals 23 damage. Diddy draws his Peanut Popgun and shoots a large peanut at the enemy in front of him. If you strike, the speed of the stray will increase and the stray will deal more damage. Distance is not affected by charging.

Side Special – Monkey Flip

The kick will deal 10-14 damage, the snap deals 1 damage, and the snap deals 8 damage, while the snap deals 10 damage. Diddy Kong will jump towards the enemy and take down the first enemy in its path. After attaching him, Diddy will begin slashing them and then end the slash with either a stomp or a slash that will send them flying in the air.

Up Special – Rocketbarrel Boost

A strike between the light will deal 10 damage while the explosion ends will deal 18 damage. Diddy will wear a jetpack and launch into the sky. The two jet fuel tanks will explode if Diddy comes into contact with a solid surface. During his wild flight, he would keep hitting enemies throughout the stage until the jet pack hit something. This is also a great recovery move and you use it at all times to recover from attacks and counter-attacks.

Down Special – Banana Peel

While flying in the air, this attack will deal 4-5 damage to enemies. This is a very simple attack but super effective. Diddy will throw a banana peel back, causing the enemy to slip on it and fall. The enemy will slide and fall helplessly and you can move to do some combos and attack.

Final Smash – Hyper Rocketbarrel

When the Final Smash clock is full, Diddy Kong unleashes a massive attack after multiplying and flying around the stage. After targeting the enemy, Diddy will rush at them and hit them. When the attack ends, Diddy flies to the enemy that takes the most damage and causes them to fly in the air.