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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Duck Hunt – Combos And Moves

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is a combination of Dog and Duck from a game with the same name. Dogs move well around the stage and can jump walls too. On the other hand, Duck can fly and save Dog from different situations that would otherwise be lethal to it. Duck also uses his beak for some cool attacks.

Duck Hunt Moveset

Duck Hunt

Neutral Attacks

They have a three-attack neutral combo with two alternating ults. Both first attacks will deal 1.5 damage while the third can deal 5 or 0.4 × 8 and 3 damage depending on whether you use automatic combos or manual combo. If you hold the attack button, you will do the first variation of the attack where the Dog will start with a head blow, followed by a head blow, and then end with a two-legged kick.

If you want to choose another variation, you will need to enter the command manually instead of holding the button. In this attack, the ultimate is the Landing Duck. The duck will launch a mine combo on enemies ahead. After that, the Dog will unleash the enemies in the air with an attack. If you are choosing Attack Duck, hold the button at the end and Duck will continue hitting enemies with its beak for additional damage.

Dash Attack

Their Dash move deals 10 damage. The dog begins to run towards the enemy and then at the end the duck pushes forward with its beak protruding forward so that a powerful attack can knock the enemy away and in the air. If the beak quickly connects with the enemy, they will be thrown. Delayed mine hits will launch them through Duck Hunt, providing a great opportunity for a juggling combo.

Defensive Attacks

Their cliff attack deals 9 damage while the basic attack deals 7 damage.

Duck Hunt Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Trick Shot

It deals 10-14 overall damage with each shot dealing about 1.7 damage. They will throw a Hogan’s Alley Can on stage. This is a can of dynamite that will explode on contact with an enemy. If more force is thrown to the ground, the damage will increase. If it doesn’t hit anything before it hits the ground, it will persist for 11 seconds before disappearing.

Side Special – Clay Shooting

It deals 2 damage to pigeons. Duck Hunt will throw a clay dove in the foreground shaped like a plastic plate. Depending on the initial pitch, it may move too far or near its limit. It will continue to move and hit enemies dealing damage to them. Entering the Side Special again will cause the NES Zapper to fire bullets into the disc.

Up Special – Duck Jump

This attack does not do any damage and is used as a move only attack. The duck will lift the dog into the air and carry its weight for as long as possible. Then you can use the stick to move the duck and take the dog with you. If you turn directions while tapping, the distance will be reduced so that they can be covered during this jump.

Down Special – Wild Gunman

This attack changes a lot in the game. A Wild Gunman will appear on the screen where he will be able to attack enemies with their respective weapons. Each gunman that appears has different attacks and their damage will also be different. This is launched into the air so the first shooters will float to the ground before firing at the enemy. Depending on which Gunman comes, their damage will be varied.

Final Smash – NES Zapper Posse

Duck Hunt

For this Final Smash, the duo will call the entire team from the Duck Hunt game. Make sure the enemy is closer to you before you shoot this attack. Once the attack is launched, a flock of ducks will appear on stage. If any of these ducks hit the enemy, the entire wild shooting team will appear on stage and start shooting them.