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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Falco – Combos And Moves



When compared to other boxers in the Star Fox series, Falco stands between Wolf and Fox when it comes to speed. He mainly relies on combos to deal damage to enemies. He excels at waiting and then performing attacks with massive damage on his foes. Most of his combos don’t do too much damage but when combined with other combos, the damage is in the end.

Falco moveset


Neutral Attacks

His neutral attack is a three-hit combination with the last that throws the enemy into the air. The first two attacks will deal 1.5 damage per hit while the last will deal 0.3 times the number of hits and 3 damage at the end. Falco begins with two slaps at the enemy, followed by a series of quick attacks based on wind. The last attack ends the combo and sends the enemy into the air.

The range of this move is not too great but the starting speed is very high. The combo’s second attack has increased range but if shielded, the entire combo will be wasted and he is vulnerable to any attack your enemy wants to land at that moment. However, you can counter the attack with their shields and then move on to the third and send them into the air if you’re fast enough.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attacks deal 9 damage to enemies. For this attack, he will plunge at an enemy whose legs are spread out and will launch a heavy flying kick. This kick will send them diagonally into the air and give them a nice juggling. The launch distance is not high so use a juggling combo instead of a follow-up combo.

Falco Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Blaster

It deals 3 damage. You can repeatedly press the button to keep shooting with the blaster. In the air, the rate of fire is much higher than on the ground. He will quickly fire from her gun and bullets will be stopped if they are coming towards you. These shots are not very devastating.

Side Special – Falco Phantasm

It deals 7 damage. He will take a moment to dash up and then rush into the enemy ahead at a very fast speed. He will leave phantasms in his path that will damage all enemies hit by them and launch them into the air. After the blow, he will need time to recover if done in the air as he will fall to the ground after finishing the attack.

Up Special – Firebird

It deals 2 × 7, 3, and 2 × 8 damage to enemies. He will immerse herself in flames and fly into the air in a fierce attack. This will burn enemies and you can aim in any direction using the joystick. You can change the direction while charging.

Down Special – Reflector

This was not an attack but a defensive move, but since he would use her Reflection device to throw bullets at enemies dealing 20% ​​more damage to them. Once used, he will throw the Reflection device in front of him and it will hit the enemy and return to him. This works as a boomerang. This is a great defensive move if you’re cornered as the device expands a hitbox in front of him.

Final Smash – Team Star Fox


When the Final Smash clock is full, you can take down his final attack called Team Star Fox. Falco will lock on the enemy in front of him and once the lock is established, a number of Arms will appear on the stage and begin firing at the enemy to deal massive damage.