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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Fox SSBU – Combos And Moves



Fox SSBU will be present as a warrior in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and he gets some minor tweaks to his moves and combat abilities. He also has a brand new Final Smash, so let’s take a look at all the details we know so far about Fox in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fox SSBU moveset


Neutral Special – Blaster

The laser beam damages, but does not knock the opponent back. Press several times to quickly fire.

Side Special – Fox Illusion

Rush through the opponent at high speed. Easily shielded by the opponent against the attack.

Up Special – Fire Fox

The rocket flew into the sky while engulfed in flames. Direction can be changed while charging.

Down Special – Reflection

Shield and mirror projectiles, increasing their speed and strength.

Final Smash – Team Star Fox

Fox uses a targeting box to lock out any opponents right in front of him. If he gets the target, the Star Fox Team will appear and launch a squad attack.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Fox remains the speed fighter with a devastating attack that Smash players know and love, with a few changes. His regeneration, Fire Fox, does more damage but doesn’t go far. He’s still fast and has devastating combo potential, so if you like to play a character in a speed drop style, then Fox SSBU has a lot to offer.


However, Fox still falls short when it comes to catching up. He is a light fighter that can easily be knocked out by a heavy fighter. His recovery move is also well-signaled, so the opponent can stop you from going back to the edge of the stage. Even so, Fox is still a very capable fighter. Just try to keep the momentum in your favor.

Fox SSBU Changes

Aside from some power changes to his basic abilities, the only really notable difference about Fox is the new Final Smash: Team Star Fox. He has advanced his game from the basic Tank Summoning, and instead, he calls in an all-powerful Arwing Strike attack! Besides looking cool, it definitely gives a more “iconic” feel to the main character of Star Fox.

Fighter Tips


Fox is one of the coolest players to ever play in Super Smash Bros. He is easy to understand, but difficult to master. Thanks to his turrets and outstanding mobility, he can be truly effective if used properly. We’ve listed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fox SSBU Tips out there:

  • Use Party B to restore
  • Spin is extremely quick with Fox SSBU and is easy to do.
  • In particular, pivot grabbing is great for stringing into aerial combos.
  • Firing your gun when the enemy comes close, they will more likely agree which means you can cover and then counterattack.
  • Smash ups are great for killing a high percentage.
  • Grab the ledges while the enemy is hanging them to take them down. If they grabbed the cliff again, they wouldn’t be invincible. Then you can knock them off the stage.
  • Use the B key to reflect the projectile.
  • You can also use Down B to slow down and turn around while falling.
  • Jump + Party B is faster than Party B.