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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Ganondorf – Combos And Moves



Ganondorf has the most notable difference in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the new sword he will use in various attacks. Most of his attacks are slow but powerful single shots. Not all of his attacks were slow as some of his attacks were much faster than the rest of his arsenal of attacks.

Ganondorf Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He only has a neutral attack that deals 11 times of damage and is able to knock enemies with ease. This was a very powerful electric punch attack. There are no combos here, only a single attack. This is also the fastest move. The amount of damage dealt to this one attack is much greater than the fighter’s combination.

This attack is very high so it will fly over smaller or crouched enemies. This makes it a useless move in these cases. Instead, you can grab them and then use this attack when they can actually be hit by you.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attacks deal 15 damage and can even set them up for subsequent juggling combos if hit early. Ganondorf will plunge enemies with a powerful blow. Although the attack lasts a good amount of time, the damage is highest in the early stages of the attack.

The longer time passes, the less damage the enemy will take. This attack is also much slower than the Dash attacks of other fighters but it packs quite a punch. Even if the enemy blocks this attack, he will get past them. Doesn’t work too well with shields.

Defensive Attacks

His ledge attack deals 10 damage while both face-up and face-up attacks Wake up deals 7 damage per hit.

Ganondorf Special Attacks

Neutral Special Attack – Warlock Punch

It deals 30 damage and 37 damage while spinning. He will gather Dark Energy for a period of time in his fist and then eventually unleash a powerful punch directly forward. He takes a lot of charging time for this attack but with the amount of damage dealt, if you try to take down this attack, it will deal massive damage to the enemy.

Side Special Attack – Flame Choke

It deals 12 damage on the ground and 15 damage in the air. For this attack, Ganondorf will plunge straight into the enemy with great force. Enemies that come into contact with him will be grabbed by him and hit them with a giant fiery body.

Up Special – Dark Dive

It deals 1.9 × 4 and 9 damage to enemies. For this attack, he will soar into the air a fist filled with Dark Powers. If the enemy entered his path, he would grab them and fight them back with great force forcing them to fly away.

Down Special – Wizard’s Foot

It deals 16 damage on the ground, 15 damage in the air, and 8 damage if you land from the air. You can perform this powerful attack both underground and in the air. The damage will be different for both attacks, and since the attack takes a longer time, you can glide to the ground if starting from the air. For this attack, he will slide on his heels and move forward with Dark Powers.

Final Smash – Ganon, The Demon King


For his Final Smash, Ganondorf will show up in its original form and be giant in size. He will pull out two large swords and smash them to the ground in front of him. After smashing the swords, he will start running into enemies in a strong aggressive attack, knocking them down and dealing massive damage.