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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Greninja – Combos And Moves



As the name, Greninja works like a ninja. He is at the same time very fast, aggressive, and agile. His dance moves are quite high compared to ordinary martial artists and he can use the environment to move like a true ninja. His posture is also slipping making him even more difficult to hit. He is good at both in the air and on the ground.

Greninja Moveset


Neutral Attack

His neutral attack combo consists of four attacks. The first two attacks will deal 2 damage, each third is a flash attack where each attack will deal 0.5 damage and 2 hits while the last does 3 damage and launch enemies into the air. . This attack begins with the use of his palms to slap the enemy quickly twice and then with two variations.

A finishing blow is a water attack multiple times while the second is a double-sided water attack. You can choose any finishing blow as both will knock enemies from him and deal a decent amount of damage to them. If you know the final blow will land, choose a fast water attack.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack will deal 8 damage to enemies and position them perfectly for the next combo. For this attack, Greninja will charge forward and throw a powerful slide at the enemy that will send them high into the air. This will allow you to track attacks such as aerial attacks. This will further set them up for a juggling attack.

Defensive Attacks

His ledge attack will deal 9 damage while his face-down and Wake-up attacks will deal 7 damage per hit.

Greninja Special Moves

Neutral Special Attack – Water Shuriken

It deals 3 minimum damage possible up to 12 if fully charged. For this attack, he will throw a water ball from the hand in front of him. This deals damage according to the original attack point. If you fully charge the attack, it will deal maximum damage. Once fully charged, the attack will also pierce the enemy.

Side Special – Shadow Sneak

It deals 10 damage. You can hold the attack button to increase the attack range. For this attack, he hides in a tornado and then reappears later to unleash a powerful kick. If he appears behind a cloud, it will give a kick. If you try to appear behind an enemy, he will get a read kick.

Up Special – Hydro Pump

It does no damage but it does allow Greninja to change direction quickly. This is purely a healing move and it doesn’t deal any kind of damage to the enemy. He will launch into the air in a powerful jet.

You can aim in the direction of the stream to move away from it even at the start of the launch. You can even turn completely around after launching the attack. You can also use this move to harass recovering enemies by pushing them around.

Down Special – Substitute

It deals 11 damage to enemies. For this attack, he will go into parry mode and once an enemy attacks it, he will disappear and then suddenly appear to launch a powerful flying kick at the enemy that has attacked him. You can control the direction of the flying kick to throw the enemy in the direction you want.

Final Smash – Secret Ninja Attack


His Final Smash sends enemies into the air. Launch a final hit to use Mat Block to flip enemies into the air. In the air, Greninja will continue slashing enemies and then smashing them back to the ground. You must get close to the enemy before starting to attack before Mat Block’s range is low.