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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Ice Climbers – Combos And Moves

Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers

Both Ice Climbers, Popo, and Nana all have their own unique attacks in the game. The two also come with their own health as if one of them gets hit, the other doesn’t make them unique compared to the other duo in the game. This also opens up a series of attacks with both. If one of the two gets hit, the other can retaliate quickly with a counterattack. Some of their attacks will be together but most of their attacks will be separate and Popo will always lead Nana.

Ice Climbers moveset

Ice Climbers

Neutral Attacks

Their neutral attack combo is a combination of four attacks, two at a time. Both Popo and Nana will swing their hammers respectively. The first swing will deal 2 -1.5 damage to enemies while the second swing will deal 3.5 – 2.6 damage to enemies. If you manage to land both attacks on your enemy, the enemy will be knocked back in the air.

Dash Attacks

Their Dash attack will deal 6 / 4.5 damage to enemies and launch them into the air above them. Both Popo and Nana will run towards the enemy and swing the hammer in the air. Once the enemies are launched in the air, you can take them down. If this attack is shielded, Ice Climbers will be in a vulnerable position.

Defensive Attacks

Their flap attacks deal 8/6 damage while their basic attacks deal 7 / 5.2 damage to enemies.

Ice Climbers Special Attacks

Ice Climbers

Neutral Special Attack – Ice Shot

It deals 3.5 / 3.5 damage to enemies. This is a good long-range move. Both Popo and Nana will summon blocks of ice and use their hammers to hit them at enemies. The ice blocks will slide a good distance, bumping into enemies and dealing damage to them. These rocks can also bounce off walls and if the Ice Climber hits them, they will also be damaged.

Side Special Attack – Squall Hammer

It deals 2.2 × 4 / 2.2 × 4, 8 damage to the enemy. Ice Climbers will spin at their position and knock both enemies in the back using their hammers with a powerful vortex attack. In this attack, both Nana and Popo will hit enemies in both the front and the back. You can control both and make them move left and right with it.

Up Special Attack – Belay

It deals 0/16 damage to enemies. Both Popo and Nana will use a rope for this move. With the rope in hand, Popo will first launch Nana into the air above him, which will cause Nana to fly up and reach the point where the rope reaches the limit.

Down Special Attack – Blizzard

It deals 1.8 (1.0) x9 / 1.8 (1.0) x9 damage to the enemy. This attack will release a burst of ice from the hands of Ice Climbers and it will freeze all enemies standing near them. This attack only works in the foreground but enemies frozen with it cannot move around the map. You can keep doing so until the enemy starts to freeze. This attack is basically in the form of small ice bullets that deal ice damage and freeze enemies at the same time.

Final Smash – Iceberg

When Final Smash’s clock is full, launch the Ice Climber’s final blow. This will cause a giant iceberg to explode in the middle of the stage. Enemies that land on the ice and jump on it will take damage. The best part is that you can control the iceberg.