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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Ike – Combos And Moves



Ike is a heavy fighter so of course, he attacks slowly. He carries the long-range Ragnell sword, which is a powerful weapon but a bit slow. his attacks are powerful but they take a long recovery time, which is one of his biggest weaknesses. You will need to make sure that after starting an attack you will need to make sure that it is the land of your enemies.

Ike moveset


Neutral Attacks

His neutral attack set hits three times. The first two attacks will deal 2.5 damage while the last deals 5 damage while throwing enemies away from him. Ike will initiate this attack with a punch, followed by a kick, and then finish the combo with a powerful sword strike. This will knock the enemy back.

This is a much faster attack and also has a low recovery time. You can use the attack to land some quick attacks on your enemies. If someone misses an attack on you, this is the perfect way to respond to some attacks on them.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attacks will deal 14 damage to enemies. This is a solid stacking attack that deals damage, and it also launches enemies into the air for them to perform a follow-on attack. This attack’s damage is good but if you miss, you will get some combos on yourself right away because you can’t counter anything until you get back to normal.

Defensive Attacks

His Ledge’s attacks will deal 10 damage, while his basic attacks will deal 7 damage.

Ike Special Moves

Neutral Special Attack – Eruption

It deals 10 damage in normal mode and 35 damage when fully charged. He will stab his sword to the ground to create a large shock wave coming from the ground around him. Hold down the button to attack and increase the damage dealt to the enemy.

Side Special – Quick Draw

It deals 6 damage in normal mode and 13 damage when fully charged. For this attack, he will charge the enemy ahead and strike them with a powerful sword strike. You can also use this move as a recovery tool.

The recovery time from this attack is much higher and you’ll need to land solidly on the ground if you miss. You can attack initially to increase the damage dealt to the enemy.

Up Special – Aether

It deals 6, 1, 1, 3, and 6. damage. This attack consists of several hits and the final blow is powerful enough to throw enemies into the air and away from enemies. He will throw his sword around in the air and with it the enemy will be repeatedly hit by the sword.

Down Special – Counter

It deals 1.2 times more damage to enemies. For this attack, all the damage dealt to an enemy is based on the amount of damage the enemy is about to do to you. Ike will block an enemy’s attack and then resend damage with a powerful move, while also increasing the damage to the attack. This means the stronger the attack comes your way, the more damage you send back to your enemies.

Final Smash – Great Aether


When you cast Final Smash, Ike will launch enemies into the air, where he will continue hitting them with various attacks. In the end, he will finally knock the enemy down to the ground with a powerful blow. Initially, you have to get close to the enemy because the range is not too high.