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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Incineroar – Combos And Moves



Incineroar is a Pokémon and Litten’s last evolutionary form. It is a wrestler and its type is Fire and Dark which makes it a dangerous warrior to fight with. Its attacks are very good and powerful but the recovery speed is very slow as he will generate after each attack. This makes timing very important to it. Overall, he has decent speed and can attack quickly.

Incineroar Moveset


Neutral Attacks

His neutral attack is a combination of three attacks. The first attack deals 2.5 damage, the second 2.8 hits, and the finishing blow deals 4.7 damage before knocking the enemy away from him. The first attack is a chop, then a knee kick. The Finisher is a powerful elbow hit that knocks an enemy away from it and upon completion of the attack, he will deliver.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 13 damage to enemies. If an enemy is hit by bullets early while moving, they will take more damage and increase their chances of hitting back then the enemy gets hit later in the run. Incineroar jumped and covered the ground in front of him at tremendous speed before sending a powerful knee kick at anyone in the way.

If this attack is blocked, he will be vulnerable to attack and ready to be sent to a land full of combos. If you hit an enemy early, you’ll also push right ahead to the other side of them in addition to dealing extra damage and rebounding.

Defensive Attacks

His ledge attack deals 10 damage and the wake-up attack deals 7 damage to enemies.

Incineroar Special Moves

Neutral Special Attack – Darkest Lariat

It deals 16 damage in the front and 12 damage in the back. This attack can be performed either in the air or on the ground. For this attack, he will start spinning with giant claws spread around. This is a very fast attack and you can move him left or right while he is spinning. The attack also lasts a decent amount of time.

Side Special – Alolan Whip

It deals 20/12/4 damage to the enemy. For this attack, he will rush towards the enemy ahead and try to grab them. If he catches an enemy, they will be thrown into a temporary spin with ropes like in a wrestling ring. They appeared suddenly for this attack. After hitting them, the enemy will return to him, where things get interesting.

Up Special – Cross Chop

It deals 3,3,5 and 9 damage to enemies. For this attack, Incineroar will fly into the air in a fiery stance and then return to the ground in a similar manner. You can hit and damage enemies both on the way up and down. This attack takes a long time to finish so you should time it well.

Down Special – Revenge

It deals 2.4 damage. This is a defensive move. He will go into defense mode, where it will start flashing with lights as the chest expands. Anyone who attacks he will then initiate revenge, which will trigger mass him and the enemy will be thrown back.

Final Smash – Max Malicious Moonsault


When you unleash his Final Smash, it will run towards the first enemy that got in its way, grab them and send them to his wrestling arena, where they are presented with some of his hospitable options. The main target of the attack is the enemy caught by Incineroar but other enemies near the ring also take damage from the final hit.