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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Inkling – Combos And Moves



Both the Squid girl and boy from the Splatoon franchise are featured in Super Smash Bros. They will use their same ink tactics and unique weapons from the game to their own advantage. They can splash enemies with ink but just like in real games their squid is unlimited and both will eventually run out of ink unless you let it charge. Inkling can crouch walking and jumping walls as well as turning them into agile warriors in the game. You will need to be very careful with them because if they get soaked in water, they will start to deteriorate. Keep them away from water.

Inkling Moveset


Neutral Attack

Their Neutral’s attack is a combination of four attacks. The first two hits will deal 2 damage to enemies while the third hit will deal 3.5 damage to enemies. The final hit will knock the enemy back and you can hold the buttons for Inkling to repeat the attack with consecutive hits before you take the final hit on your enemy. The final photo will also consume about 2/150 ink per shot.

They will initiate the combo with one punch and then resume with two kicks. The last kick will take down the enemy. However, if you hold the attack button after the second kick, they will perform an alternate attack on an enemy that will continue hitting them for at least eight shots. This will also spray ink on them causing their defenses to weaken.

Dash Attack

Their Dash’s attacks deal 8 damage to enemies. If you try to hit an enemy earlier in the dash, you will deal more damage and take down the enemy. They will rush at enemies and attack them with a powerful elbow strike. This attack sets up unique enemies to follow with a juggling attack.

Defensive Attacks

Their Ledge’s attacks deal 9 damage, while the basic’s basic attacks will deal 7 damage.

Inkling Special Moves

Neutral Special – Splattershot

It deals 0.3 per shot. This is their main shooter. They will take out the gun and start firing ink from it. Each shot will deal moderate damage to the enemy. You can also target up and down. The attack will eventually drain the ink from their stock. A low shot range results in a lower range of the shot.

Side Special – Splat Roller

It deals 4-15.9 damage. This is another of their traditional weapons from the game itself. Splat Roller is used to spread ink easily over a large area by holding it up and running around. For this attack, Inkling will use the same Splat Roller and rush towards the enemy. You can speed up or slow down as you like.

Up Special – Super Jump

It deals 8 damage if it hits the enemy directly. If someone takes damage, they will take 6 damage. This is one of the best recovery moves for Inkling. The best thing about this attack is that no ink is used for this attack and you can execute it even if you have no ink left in stock.

Down Special – Splat Bomb

This move deals 8-14 damage to enemies. They will throw a Splat Bomb on the stage. You can control the distance it covers by holding the button for longer. If you quickly release the button, they will throw the bomb right above you, the bomb will quickly explode in front of them.

Final Smash – Killer Wail


Once you’ve launched their Final Smash, they will deploy Killer Wail’s special weapon on stage. This will emit an extremely strong, large laser in the foreground with a very large range. You can move this ray up and down with the joystick. While this is active, you have complete control over Inkling and move it around the stage.