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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Isabelle – Combos And Moves



Isabelle has her slingshot in Super Smash Bros. She has very good air control with a slingshot. She has the ability to capture items and other blows using her Pocket. This is used to render long-range attacks useless if you can combine them together and execute them in sequence.

Isabelle Moveset


Neutral Attack

Her neutral attack only has one attack that deals 2 damage if you hit it one hit. However, you can press and hold the button if you want to attack continuously. Isabelle will bring out her red hammer and do a slash in front of her. This attack will deal a moderate amount of damage to the enemy but you can hold the attack button to continue swinging it in front of her.

Dash Attack

This is a solid damage dealer although it does look dumb in execution. She will rush into her enemy with a vase in her hand. She ran and fell, causing the vase in her hand to fly forward. The vase touches the enemy and damages them. If it hits the ground, it will break. After being hit, she is able to juggle enemies hit.

Defensive Attacks

Her cliff attack deals 9 damage while her wake up and down attacks deal 7 damage to enemies.

Isabelle Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Pocket                         

With this attack, Isabelle would simply take any incoming bullets and other items thrown at her from the air like nothing. Then she would put it in her pocket. You can pick items from the ground and from the air with this particularly useful move. If you are storing something in her Pocket, an icon will appear next to her portrait.

Side Special – Fishing Rod

This attack is a combination of four attacks, the first will deal 16 damage, the second 11, the third 14, and the last will deal 12 damage to the enemy. She will take out her Fishing Rod and use it to damage and reel at enemies. Enemies will only be spun if the Fishing Rod’s head hits them. If you don’t hit them, you can’t roll them in by pulling them towards you.

Up Special – Balloon Trip

This attack does not deal damage as it is a pure movement attack. You will need to use this special move to move. No damage can be done with this attack Isabelle will call a swing with two balloons and will fly overhead above the stage. However, the enemy can attack and explode the bubbles, rendering this useless.

Down Special – Lloid Trap

This attack will deal 1.6 × 2, 0.9 × 3, and 12 damage to the enemy. For this attack, she will plant the Lloid in the ground. Lloid will go underground and wait 10 seconds to reach the enemy. If someone stepped on it, Lloid would emerge from the ground and launch into the air at the enemy. On its way, it will continue hitting enemies. When it peaks, Lloid will explode to finish the move.

Final Smash – Dream Town Hall


For the final smash, Isabelle will call Tom Nook and get a full town built in the middle of the stage. All enemies captured in the construction area suffered heavy losses. However, this attack lacks range so make sure you are closer to the enemy to actually damage them.