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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Jigglypuff – Combos And Moves



When considering playing with Jigglypuff, you have to know that she has a low range in most attacks making almost all attacks useless unless you are very close to the enemy. Her attack is also slow when compared to other warriors in the game. If someone breaks her shield, she will fly off the screen, which is a big deal if you want to win.

Jigglypuff moveset


Neutral Attacks

Her neutral attack is a combination of two attacks. Both attacks deal 3 damage to the enemy and the second causes the enemy to back slightly. The Jigglypuff will attack or at least try to hit the enemy with its tiny arm in a two-punch combo. You will need to get close to the enemy to hit them but that’s a proper attack to set them up for some quick attacks. The attacks are also safe as it is shielded so you can engage and personalize with your foes with ease.

Dash Attack

Her Dash’s attack deals 12 damage to enemies. Enemies hit early in the attack receive more damage than enemies hit by the dash at the end of the attack. Enemies hit by the dash will be launched into the air, giving them more attacks. Attacks deal relative damage when she crashes into enemies with decent speed.

Heavier enemies will be hit back lightly or the enemies hit by the attack later in the attack do not take much damage. The highest amount of damage done and the most hit power is in the early stages of the attack. However, her Dash’s attack is a bit slower when compared to most of the fighters in the game.

Jigglypuff Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Rollout

It deals 12 to 20 damage depending on the attack level. She will curl up like a ball and turn towards the enemy hitting them. You can also attack by holding the button before releasing the button and causing her to rush into the enemy.

After being hit, she will be tied back from the enemy and if someone uses a shield, she will pierce through them. You can also change the scroll direction of the Jigglypuff using the control bar. A charge attack is very important if you want to cause some real damage to the enemy.

Side Special – Pound

It deals 11 damage to enemies. She will launch an attack with a powerful punch to the enemy in front of it, which will throw the enemy in the air. This attack has a low recovery time so you can use it multiple times in the air as a movement tactic.

Up Special – Sing

This attack does not deal any direct damage but it causes everyone around her to fall asleep, which can open up many options. During this attack, she will sing a song on the mic and all enemies around it will go to sleep. The timing of their sleep depends on how close they are to her.

Down Special – Rest


It deals 20 damage and adds 38 times as it causes bleeding to enemies hit. This is a very dangerous attack if you manage to hit the enemy with this attack. The main trick here is to hit enemies with this super powerful attack. After the input, she will take a nap and unleash a powerful attack.

Final Smash – Puff Up

For Final Smash, Jigglypuff will continue to inflate until it covers most of the stage. Once executed, it will deflate itself and throw all enemies into the air.