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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Joker SSBU – Attack Moves

Joker SSBU

Joker SSBU

Persona 5’s protagonist Joker SSBU, is a new addition to the character introduced in Super Smash Bros. The Joker is primarily a close-range fighter, though he carries a pistol that can be used for mid-range opponents or to keep them at a distance.

Joker SSBU Moveset

Joker SSBU

Neutral Attacks

Joker’s neutral attacks are essentially a three-shot stab he hits with his blade. The first two shots are fast, while the third takes down the enemy slightly.

Dash Attack

The attack that the Joker has is a double hit, which starts as a close attack before hitting a kick.

Side Smash

During this attack, the Joker holds the sword overhead and they smash it down the front. The attack has a damaged box overhead so any enemy will be hit. However, the full effect of the attack is when the blade is about to land forward.

Up Smash

During this attack, Joker SSBU jumps and cuts his blade. This attack covers all angles and can hit opponents behind or in front of you.

Down Smash

This attack also sweeps the front and back of the Joker’s blades, effectively covering both angles.

Side Tilt

During this attack, the Joker hits with his blade in front, and any enemies stabbed by the blade will be knocked back.

Up Tilt

During this attack, the Joker throws the rotating blade above, hitting any enemy in the air that is attacking from the air. This attack can be used to launch enemies when they are defeated. The spinning blade records a 5 hit combo if you manage to hit enemies through the attack.

Down Tilt

This is a slip attack that, when performed by the Joker, the enemy will bounce in the air. This can be followed by more combo attacks when the enemy is vulnerable in the air.

Joker SSBU Special Moves

The Joker’s special moves come in two forms. Normal and mobile Arsene form. The regular Joker Form has 4 special attacks. All of these attacks are detailed below.

Neutral Special – Gun

The gun can be fired when continued by holding the shoot button, although it shoots faster if touched continuously. The Joker SSBU can also dodge while shooting.

Side Special – Eiha

This fires off a low projectile that deals some damage over a period of time. Successfully defeating the opponent, the Joker summons Phantom Thieves.

Up Special – Grappling Hook

This can be used to get edges as lanyard restorations. Or, the hook can be used to pull enemies closer to the Joker.

Down Special – Rebel’s Guard

This strengthens the Joker’s Rebellion gauge and eventually summons Persona Arsene once the gauge is filled.

Arsene Form Special Moves

Joker SSBU

Neutral Special – Gun Special

Once Arsene is summoned, Joker can detonate bullets into three series from his gun.

Up Special – Wings of Rebellion

After Arsene is summoned, the Joker can fly upwards while also being immune to damage.

Side Special – Eigaon

Once Arsene has been summoned, the Joker can shoot a bullet that deals overwhelming damage and launch enemies into the air.

Down Special – Tetrakarn or Makarakarn

Once Arsene is summoned, the Joker can counter/counterattack and hit long-range.

Final Smash – All Out Attack

Joker SSBU dashes forward, up twice, in an attempt to strike his opponent.