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Smash Ultimate: How To Play King Dedede – Combos And Moves

King Dedede

King Dedede

King Dedede is capable of hovering in the air and uses his hammer to do some serious damage. His shield defender is one of the strongest in the game. He is also able to hover in the game after jumping, which gives him great air travel time. Most of his attacks were slow to start but they were quite effective. Most of his attacks are similar to Kirby’s so don’t be surprised if you see the same moves.

King Dedede moveset

King Dedede

Neutral Attack Combo

His neutral attack is a combination of three hits with the last that repeats if you hold the button. The first attack deals 2.5 damage, the second deals 2.2 damage, and the last deals 0.5 × 7 attacks and ends with a hit dealing 3 damage. King Dedede will use his hammer for his neutral attack.

After two turns forward, hold the neutral attack button and he will start spinning in his position, hitting enemies repeatedly with hammers and then ending the combo with a powerful blow to knockback. they are out of him. The speed of this attack is slow so don’t expect to win against the speed warriors with this attack.

Dash Attack

King’s Dedede’s Dash’s attack deals 16 damage. He will jump while running and crash into enemies with his stomach dealing damage to them. He will miss for a while before recovering for another attack ahead. After that, he will take some time to get back to the fight so you need to make sure he has some distance from the enemy after the attack.

Defensive Attacks

His strike on the ledge deals 10 damage while the wake-up attack deals 7 damage.

King Dedede Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Inhale

It deals 10 damage to attracted enemies and if the sucked enemy is thrown at another enemy, they take 20 additional damage. His breath is similar to Kirby’s when King Dedede opens his mouth and sucks the enemy standing in front of him. You can move around while the enemy is inside him.

Side Special – Gordo Throw

It deals 14 damage. For this attack, he will spawn a Gordo and throw it at the enemy ahead with a powerful blow. Gordo has spikes on it, so it will damage enemies as it continues to move vigorously. With the joystick, you can control the type of echo that Gordo will have as he continues.

Up Special – Super Dedede Jump

It deals 15 and 12 damage to enemies in a powerful two-hit move. He will launch straight into the air and fly a long way before stopping. You can use the joystick to slightly change the angle to the left or right when he moves up. At the top, he will upside down with his hammer facing down and go down in a powerful hammer strike knocking the enemy away from him.

Down Special – Jet Hammer

It deals 12-40 to the enemy. Damage increases when you attack before landing. This is one of his most powerful moves. He will attack with his hammer the longer you hold the button and then eventually strike a powerful blow on the enemy right in front of him and kick them. Charge your attack to its maximum if you want to get the most damage with your maximum back attack.

Final Smash – Dede Rush

King Dedede

While preparing Final Smash, you can free his Final Smash. You will need to get close to the enemy to land this attack. King Dedede will unleash a powerful swing that can smash enemies into the air, most likely knocking them down.