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Smash Ultimate: How To Play King K. Rool – Combos And Moves



King K. Rool was lord of the Kremlings and massive. Though he’s big, he’s not slow at all. His attacks have a fairly natural punch as he is large in size but they’re pretty quick and the recovery time is good for most attacks too. His large belly acts like a pillow and has very good damage absorption so it is difficult to make him fly.

King K. Rool Moveset


Neutral Attack Combo

His neutral attack is a combination of three attacks. The first two attacks deal 2.5 damage while the third deals 7 damage. This attack has decent damage and speed. It was not too fast, but not too slow considering his size and mass. King K. Rool first hits with his palms then use his claws to claw and then ends the attack with a powerful kick that knocks enemies away.

Dash Attack

His attack deals 15 damage to enemies. He will use his super stomach to attack enemies while rushing towards them. An attack that ends with a fall on the face can also damage enemies if you hit them as well. After the quick attack, he will take some time to recover from the attack.

Defensive Attacks

His cliff attack deals 10 damage to enemies while the wake will deal 7 damage to enemies.

King K. Rool Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Blunderbuss

It deals 13 damage to enemies. he will quickly swap out his crown for a pirate hat and take out his blunderbuss to deal some pain. He will fire a cannonball from it which will hit the enemies with force if they are much far away from himself. Depending on the distance, you can use the Blunderbuss in many ways.

Side Special – Crownerang

It deals 8 damage to enemies when thrown and 6 damage back if the enemy gets in its way on the way back. King K. Rool will use his crown like a boomerang that will hit enemies and then come back to deal damage to them. When thrown, it will deal additional damage to the enemy while it is moving towards the enemy.

Up Special – Propellerpack

This attack deals 3 × 6 damage to enemies. This is a most moving attack but you can also inflict some damage with it. He will give out two swords and will begin flying into the air. You can move him during the flight to the left or right. After a while, King K. Rool will return to earth.

Down Special – Gut Check

He will use his large belly and make it completely impregnable in this attack. This is a unique defense move but he will absorb attacks and projectiles and damage enemies back by a factor of 1.5 times added to them. While his belly was flashing, he was completely impregnable.

Final Smash – Blast-o-Matic


For his Final Smash, King K. Rool will plunge the enemy like a cannon bullet and mark all of them. Everyone will take heavy damage at the end of the attack when a giant cannon appears and unleashes a powerful shock wave attack.