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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Kirby – Combos And Moves



Kirby is back and in combat form in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Small changes have been made to his movset, which leaves them feeling playing differently. We got all the new updates for him in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, all gathered in the following tutorial.

Kirby moveset


Super – Inhale

Inhales opponent and then possible to copy the opponent’s abilities or spit them out like a star.

Side Super – Hammer Flip

Provides a powerful hammer attack that can unleash enemies. Danger when fully charged.

Up Super – Final Cutter

Jump high into the air, toss in the air, and on the way down. Shock waves on landing.

Down Super

Transforms into a heavy object and plunges down, dealing no damage when transformed.

Side Smash

A strong sidekick towards the direction Kirby is facing.

Up Smash

He performs an upside-down with a kick.

Down Smash

He gets low and spins fast, dealing damage with her feet.          

Final Smash Special Attack

His Final Smash has remained largely unchanged with Super Smash Bros Ultimate. There are a few changes to the animation, but overall it’s exactly the same as in Super Smash Bros Wii U.

Kirby Copy Ability

He has the ability to attract other characters and change their appearance. This is not all of his cloning abilities allow them to do, as they can also copy other characters’ abilities. For example, if he inhaled the Inklings, they would gain some SPlatoon-based powers, namely using the Splattershot weapon. There are a lot of different possibilities that he could copy, though we’ll have to play more games to know exactly how many.

Strengths & Weaknesses


The pink buff… gum… the whatever-that-left drops were still left on Sakurai’s themed Smash list for good reason. He has nasty recovery options and surprisingly powerful hits. Not to mention, all of his special moves are a bit stronger in Ultimate. Kirby is the best character to annoy your friends. You can bend over the moves!


The floaty pink orb is also one of the lighter fighters in the game, so even if you recover well, it doesn’t matter if your opponent pushes you farther than you can recover. The heavy enemies can actually do some damage to him and it is difficult for him to close the gap with characters with long-range.



The real question is, what does he look like when copying other characters?

According to leaks, his Dash Attack will no longer take you off the ledge. We’ll take that good news as ordinary fans of the franchise.

His Inhale has been buffed a bit because it has a longer range and can capture projectiles. You can swallow it to heal or spit it out like a star to deal damage.

His Hammer attacks can now break shields when fully charged.

Finally, Final Cutter, the move Kirby jumped up, plunged down, and released a blade to deal damage, was also buffed. He can more reliably hit a character as he flies up, and the projectile it fired now goes a little further.