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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Link SSBU – Combos And Moves



Link SSBU is a returning fighter in Super Smash Bros. His moveset has been slightly tweaked to include Remote Bombs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These Bombs can be detonated at will. To keep him subjected to Breath of the Wild, he no longer holds his Hookshot and will instead grapple with his hands. According to a practice report, his sword would shoot out blades whenever he was at 0% level. As for his Final Smash, he now shoots a devastating Ancient Arrow at his opponent.

Link SSBU Moveset


Neutral Special – Bow and Arrows

Shoot one arrow – two arrows at once if an arrow is picked up off the ground. Can be charged by holding the button.

Side Special – Boomerang

Throw the boomerang diagonally. The handlebar can be pulled slightly to increase power and distance.

Up Special – Spin Attack

Attack your opponent while shooting. Works like a jump if used in the air.

Down Special – Remote Bomb

Create a bomb from afar with Sheikah Slate. Down on the special once again detonated it.

Final Smash – Axcient Bow and Arrow

Link SSBU shoots Ancient Arrow flying straight ahead, If the arrow touches an opponent or terrain, it will explode. You can only hit one fighter, but the blast also shoots off nearby opponents.

Strengths & Weaknesses


The Hyrulian hero is a little bit different from previous iterations, with Ultimate’s take mirroring Breath of the Wild’s appearance. The biggest addition is his ability to remotely detonate a bomb, giving him new combination potential while eliminating his ability to master himself by holding it-B for too long. He’s more sluggish than some other swordsmen, but the wide range of choices gives him a bit more balance and he can do a few extra punches.


Slowness can hold you back, though, as some of his attacks appear a bit slower than the more speedy boxers. Learn to read distances and tell, and use distance to your advantage. Also, Ultimate Link SSBU has a regular melee strike instead of his hook, so if you’re looking for a long-range strike you’ll want a younger version of him.

Link SSBU Changes

He has received some good changes compared to most of the other returning Smash characters. Along with updating his visuals to match the Breath of the Wild, he also got some mechanical updates.

His Bomb has been replaced with a Remote Bomb. These new colorful explosive spheres bounce off opponents and objects, exploding after a certain amount of time or when activated.

He has also been swapped for Traveler’s Bow. With it comes a number of new possibilities. If you miss it, you can choose the arrows that automatically embed in the level geometry. You can also fire two arrows at the same time to double your damage.

The infamous Clawshot ability has also been removed in favor of traditional grappling.

Leaks reveal that Super Smash Bros. ‘Boomerang. Also returning, replacing the Gale Boomerang that had previously summoned the tornado.

Fighter tips


Note that these changes can be changed as Nintendo provides patches and updates to the game.

  • Link SSBU takes his form from Breath of the Wild, which has also changed the way some of his moves work the way they did in BotW. His default outfit is the Champion’s Ao Dai without a traditional cap. His alternate outfit included the Tunic of the Wild, which includes a cap, but no leggings.
  • With his Master Sword, his Smash attacks can actually shoot a beam from his sword – as long as he’s on 0% damage.
  • His traditional bomb has been removed to replace Breath of the Wild’s Remote Bomb. These round bombs can be thrown, rolled, and carried as usual, but only Link SSBU can detonate them by pressing Down B again – and only one at a time. Detonating the bomb required him to take down Sheikah Slate, leaving him vulnerable in the action.
  • His Arrows can now be trapped in the ground or walls for a short time after firing. If he chooses an arrow, his next archery will have two arrows instead of one, giving you a wider attack.