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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Little Mac – Combos And Moves

Little Mac

Little Mac

Little Mac excels in land combat and is severely lacking in aerial combat. In a casual game, this would make little sense, but in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, equally important for fighters is that warriors must be good at aerial combat. If you really want to use him, we recommend sticking with him and avoiding aerial combat.

Little Mac Moveset

Little Mac

Neutral Attack Combo

His neutral attack combo comes in two variations depending on how you want to end it. The first two attacks will deal 1.5 damage per hit and the third will deal 0.5xN damage on initial hits and end the series with a hit that deals 3 damage and knocks enemies away from him. You can use space to land another powerful attack.

If you choose the second variant, instead of a flash, Little Mac unleashes a powerful upper hit dealing 5 damage to enemies. This knocked the enemy away from him allowing him to continue with more punches. His first two attacks can be easily shielded. If they are covered, you can either move back quickly or use the above third move against the enemy if they want to use a counterattack.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attacks deal 10 damage to enemies and launch into the air with tremendous power. His powerful punches can be shielded by enemies, though, so be mindful of that. After attacking, he will not pass through the enemy so if they block their attack, you will be an easy target for them. The attack boasts a good attack area however when it starts in the air and to the ground.

Defensive Attacks

His ledge attack deals 9 damage to enemies and the wake-up deals 7 damage to enemies.

Little Mac Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Straight Lunge

This move deals 10 – 30 damage. Baby Mac will strike a powerful blow forward with his fist. You can also charge attacks to increase damage. The longer it takes you to perform the attack, the more damage it inflicts. Enemies hit by the punch will be blown away from him.

Neutral Special 2 –  KO Uppercut

This attack deals 35 damage. This is your special attack that can only be performed when his KO meter is full. When the timer is full, your neutral commando will automatically become the neutral KO commando. This attack also cannot be intercepted or shielded, making it a formidable attack.

Side Special – Jolt Haymaker

This attack deals 14 damage. he will rush forward and launch a powerful punch attack that sends enemies flying away from him. During this time, his lower part will be resistant to all injuries and disruptions. If you are shielded, you will be left open so pay attention to the opponent’s shield.

Up Special – Rising Uppercut

This attack deals 3, 1 × 4, and 3 damage to enemies. Little Mac will fly into the air while spinning like a drill and will strike enemies above strongly. All these attacked enemies will be sent flying even higher.

Down Special – Slip Counter

This move deals 10 damage to enemies. He will raise his hands in front of him in a block shape, wait a moment. If at this moment, someone attacks him, the attack will be blocked and he will counter with a powerful blow to blow the enemy away from him. You will need to be very careful about the timing of this attack in order to use this powerful effect.

Final Smash – Giga Mac Rush

Little Mac

Once activated, he will transform into a Giga Mac and begin charging at its enemies. During this attack, if the enemy comes into contact with him, Little Mac unleashes a series of punches and then ends the combo with a powerful blow that kicks them away from him.