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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Lucario – Combos And Moves



Lucario excelled in aerial battles but did not falter on the ground either. As the match progresses and it takes more damage, its special Aura mechanic also increases its damage. it is a very agile fighter and it can cling to walls, bend over and walk and jump walls. However, to truly excel with it, you’ll need to practice some moves and its ability to make them effective in different situations.

Lucario moveset


Neutral Attack Combo

Its neutral attack is a combination of three attacks. The first attack deals 1.7 damage, the second 1.3 damage, and the last 2 damage and knock the enemy away from Lucario. If Aura is high, the damage will increase significantly.

Dash Attack

Its Dash’s attacks deal 6.6 damage to enemies. It runs towards the enemy and unleashes a powerful flying kick that sends the enemy flying in the air from it. If you hit an enemy early with a kick, the damage done will be much higher. Also, the damage will be increased much if the aura is higher. Both the tail and the kick will deal damage to the enemy.

Defensive Attacks

Its cliff attack deals 5.9 damage, while both face-up and down upon awakening deal 4.6 damage to enemies. Among these attacks, only the ledge attack is affected by the aura.

Lucario Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Aura Sphere

It deals 4.6 damage by default and if you charge the attack it increases to 11.4 when fully charged. The size of the energy orb also increases as you attack. It will spawn an aura and send it towards the enemy to damage them. If someone gets close to the orb even while it is being charged, the enemy will take damage.

Side Special – Force Palm

When grabbed, this attack deals 8.5 damage and the projectile is thrown deals 7.8 damage. This attack comes in two variations. If there are enemies near Lucario, it will grab the enemy and then blow them away with a powerful palm strike. If there are no enemies near it, it will fire a projectile at the enemy.

Up Special – Extreme Speed

It deals 4 damage on impact. It will suddenly leap high and then charge the enemy with great force. The impact will knock all enemies out of it and damage them. If you choose the right time to attack, the enemy hit by the tail will be KO’d. The distance that it flies in the air depends on its aura at that time.

Down Special – Double Team

It deals 8.2 damage to enemies. For Down Special, it will enter a counterattack position and will continue to absorb damage for a while. After successfully parrying, it will split into different images of itself and unleash a powerful slide that sends them flying through the air.

Final Smash – Aura Storm


For Final Smash, it will transform into Mega Lucario and fly straight into the air. From the air, it then sent Aura down in a powerful attack. You can choose the direction of the attack using the control bar.