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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Lucas – Combos And Moves



Lucas excelled in many departments from Ness, with whom he shares most of his moves and fighting style. He can unleash PK powers on which he is capable of manipulating fire, ice, and thunder and his special moves based on them. His moves are faster with less recovery time.

Lucas moveset


Neutral Attack Combo

His neutral attack combo has three attack combos. The first attack will deal 2.5 damage, the second 1.5, while the last will deal 3.5 damage and knock up an enemy. This is his fastest attack. The whole combo focuses on kicks while the last kick is the strongest kick that can knock enemies away.

If someone shields the attack does not switch to the third kick. The first two shots that are blocked are safe while the third will make you more susceptible to a counterattack. The complete fusion is quite fast, so most enemies won’t be able to shield the attack in time. Another safe bet is to take the first two kicks and perform a grab attack.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 13 damage to enemies and sends them into the air, setting them up nicely for the next combo. Lucas will attack with strong palms on his foes and this will release PK energy from the hand while attacking making it a solid lethal. If you manage to hit the enemy with the head of the attack, they will receive maximum damage and kills.

Defensive Attacks

His ledge attack deals 9 damage and the basic attack deals 7 damage to enemies.

Lucas Special Attacks


Neutral Special – PK Freeze

This move deals 10-23 damage to enemies. When you attack, the damage will continue to increase. For this attack, he will summon an ice ball and use it as a slow-fire ball on the stage and be able to detonate it on command. When you hold the button, he won’t detonate the ice ball and you can move it.

Side Special – PK Fire

This move deals 3 and 7 damage. Lucas will fire a spark in his front, which will transform into a spark of massive energy if it makes contact with the enemy. If someone blocked the attack, it was useless. You can perform this move both on the ground and in the air. It provides equal damage in both situations. These attacks are great for harassing enemies. If they shield, well, otherwise, they’ll take damage.

Up Special – PK Thunder

This attack deals 2.5 with the first attack and then 0.8 per attack during attacks. For this attack, he will summon a lightning snake that can be controlled around using a joystick. In this attack, a small arrow appears next to him, which is actually a guide for you to control the direction of PK Thunder.

Be careful because when using this attack, if the snake comes into contact with the surface or solid object, it will disappear.

Down Special – PSI Magnet

This move deals 8 damage to enemies. He will create a PSI Magnet that focuses on his hand, which will absorb all incoming energy rays and use them to heal himself. The PSI magnet is held in place until you hold the button. Release the button and the ball will disappear. Enemies near the ball will also be pulled towards the orb.

Final Smash – PK Starstorm

Lucas will call on Kumatora and Boney to join hands in releasing the powerful dynamic meteor shower on stage. They will continue to rain to the ground for a while. Using the control bar at this point it is possible to slightly adjust the falling angle to the left or right.