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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Luigi – Combos And Moves



Luigi brings his own spin in Super Smash Bros. Although taller than Mario, he has a longer attack range and more ball suspension time while jumping. In addition, he is also very slippery defensively with the ability to bend forward or backward, the ability to dodge threats below with a low profile.

Luigi moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has 3 Neutral attacks. First and second stab that deal 2 damage. It’s a one-to-two combo before the next with the third playful rear bump dealing 4 damage.

His first stab was surprisingly fast and aimed to quickly hit the opponent at close range. Staying close, you can hold the Attack button creating a three-hit combo, but if you’re far away, holding the Attack button will result in a series of hits.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 2 × 4, 4 damage, with Luigi hitting one of the fastest dash attacks, a series of goofy slaps that made him stop. This unexpected horizontal attack could even be combined right after his tilt thrust.

Luigi Smashes

Side Smash

This attack deals 15 to 21 damage, as he intensifies the tension on the hand, and unleashes a blistering strike that strikes with the arm stretched forward. You can also hold up or down, where his hand will move diagonally up or down, giving you a small trajectory of the hit.

Up Smash

This attack deals 14 to 19.6 damage as he pulls backward to strike a hit before releasing a fierce headshot that covers the back, top and front corners. The attack started earliest after him, then directly above him, and finally slowest towards him.

Since this smash hits all three corners, it’s best to clean up when surrounded by multiple enemies. Hit the enemies behind him in this attack, flipping them forward past him, while hitting the enemies behind him in the front.

Down Smash

This attack deals 15 to 21 damage when Luigi falls to the ground and spins with one planting hand. He swung his legs front and back. This is a stone that covers both sides. The first kick may be a bit slow, but both his kicks back and forward are equally powerful. This kick works best if the boxer gets too close to him from both sides.

Luigi Special Moves

Neutral Special – Fireball

This attack deals 6 close attacks and 5 long-range shots. In this attack, he throws a glowing green bullet and falls in small circles forward. If it hits a horizontal surface like a wall, it will bounce back.

Side Special – Green Missile

This attack deals damage from 6.2 ~ 9.5 to 21 (or 25). In this attack, he strained before throwing himself forward like a projectile. Uncharged, there will be slight differences in the damage level of this move, 6.1 or 9.5. This move can be quite costly, with a huge difference in damage done and distance traveled.

Like with Super Jump Punch, there’s a short invisible duration around the initial active attack phase. The remainder of the rocketing-style attack lacked special defensive properties, but his noggin remained a threat from the projectile in motion. On contact, an aerial he is able to regenerate and be able to function again in the air before landing. Staying close to solid ground, Luigi bounced off and landed easily, with an extended landing delay.

Up Special – Super Jump Punch

This move deals 25 damage on the sweet spot, or 1 damage if missed. In this attack, he erupts almost straight upward with a punch. While it hits all the way up, the only good spot to aim with this punch is in front of him.

If the target is close, Super Jump Punch deals heavy damage and knockback. This can also work in juggle combos if you jump and adjust position perfectly against the floating target before catching them with up special.

Down Special – Luigi Cyclone


This attack deals 2 × 4, 4 damage where Luigi lashes himself into a small vortex, in which he can steer slightly left or right. It has a short-range pull effect, and subtly pulls opponents too close to the spin.

Any opponent pulled into the vortex will be beaten multiple times into the blender before being thrown into the sky on the final spin. This is very effective if you want to take down a lot of enemies or target them in the air.

Luigi Final Smash – Poltergust 5000

During this attack, you can collect Smash Ball for a chance to maximize the full capacity of the Poltergust pack, dragging items and opponents in a large circle. Anyone sucked in will be immediately ejected and pushed into a dangerous position. This is most effective at absorbing multiple enemies and throwing them away.