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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Marth – Combos And Moves



Both Marth and Lucina have the fastest walking speeds in the game. Although they both share the same attack and special attack, their damage is actually different because he has the added sweet and sour feature. On the other hand, Lucina’s attacks are balanced on her sword.

Marth moveset


Neutral Attack Combo

Their neutral attack was a combination of two attacks. His combo deals 5 and 6 damage while knocking enemies away. Lucina’s combo deals 3.3 and 4.8 damage. Her second move also shoots the enemy away from her.

Both blows are powerful blows with a stronger second slash. This is great for plunging into enemies from afar. The attack speed is also fast, ideal for many situations.

Dash Attack

His attack deals 12 damage while Lucina’s attack deals 10.9 damage to enemies. While playing with Marth, if you hit an enemy with your sword tip, the enemy will take more damage.

While running, they will use their swords to perform a strong forward swipe that sends the enemy flying in the air. This attack is great for chasing enemies and does some damage from behind.

Defensive Attacks

Both have the same output damage for their defensive attacks. Flap attacks will deal 9 damage, while basic attacks deal 7 damage to enemies.

Marth Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Shield Breaker

He deals 10.3 damage on this attack while not charged and 27.6 damage to enemies when fully charged. Lucina deals 8.5 base damage with this attack. This attack deals 80% more damage to the opponent’s shield while it is not charged. You can also use the joystick to slightly adjust the angle of attack up or down.

Side Special – Dancing Blade

This attack comes in three possible variations. You can combine all four special attacks or skip the last two attacks and perform either a Special Up or Down Special Attack. The damage done is different across all variants. For the four basic attack combo variants, he deals 3.3.4 and 6 damage while Lucina deals 2.8, 2.8, 3.3, and 4.8 damage.

Up Special – Dolphin Slash

This attack deals more damage if you can hit them early with this move. If hit early, they will deal 11 damage to the enemy. If hit late, both will deal 7 damage to the enemy.

Down Special – Counter

This attack’s actual damage varies depending on the type of attack being countered. It will remain the same for them. However, the maximum amount of hits returned to enemies will be 26.4.

This is basically a defensive move that can also re-damage enemies if they attack you while Marth and Lucina are in counterattack mode. The strength of the counterattack will depend on the type of damage they absorb.

Final Smash – Critical Hit


For their Final Smash, both Marth and Lucina will rush forward to launch an incredibly powerful attack on the enemy. If you manage to attack this on an enemy, it will be an instant KO. The enemy has no second chance after being hit by this attack. Beware you might deviate with this attack if you are not careful.