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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Mega Man – Combos And Moves

Mega Man

Mega Man

Since Mega Man has a Mega Buster built into his left arm, this means he doesn’t have a normal melee strike like most fighters in the game. Most of his attacks use his Mega Buster in place of melee attacks. With his amount of gadgets sleeping, you’ll need to come up with an easy strategy to take down your enemies.

Mega Man Moveset

Mega Man

Neutral Attack Combo

His neutral attack can be a combination of two to four attacks depending on how much you enter. The first attack is a melee strike against Mega Buster while the others are long-range shots. Melee attacks deal 1 damage while each bullet deals 2 damage to enemies. As the Mega Buster shots move more, their hitstun is massively reduced.

Dash Attack

His attack deals 1,2 × 7 and 4 damage to enemies. While running, Mega Man will turn into a tornado and deal damage to enemies caught in it. The final attack will deal more damage to enemies and knock them up in the air. This doesn’t give you a window to watch with more attacks since the enemy is knocked out of him.

Defensive Attacks

His cliff attack deals 9 damage to enemies and the wake-up deals 7 damage to enemies.

Mega Man Special Attacks

Mega Man

Neutral Special – Metal Blade

This move deals 5 damage to enemies. He will throw Metal Man’s spinning saw at his enemies to cut through them and deal damage. A saw can deal with multiple enemies as it cuts through them, making it an ideal attack for crowd control. Another nice thing about this move is that you can shoot it in any of the eight possible directions in the game.

Side Special – Crash Bomber

This attack deals 1 × 4 and 4 damage to enemies. For this attack, he will take down Crash Man’s Crash Bomber and deploy a stage timer explosive device. This device will explode after two seconds and cause enemies to fly to the other side. However, he can also be launched into the air with its explosions so be careful after shooting it.

Up Special – Rush Coil

This particular move is not offensive or defensive but it helps a lot in moving around the stage when Mega Man deploys Rush. Rush will remain active for two seconds on stage. He will only be able to jump once but if you land the Rush again while he is still active, you can also jump again.

Down Special – Leaf Shield

This attack deals 1.5 times the number of attacks in a range of 3 to 8. The last attack deals 3.8 damage to enemies. This combination can have up to nine hits. For this attack, he will deploy Wood Man’s Leaf Shield. It has four leaves that continue to spin and damage enemies if they hit them. Once deployed, he will also throw several cards forward at enemies.

Final Smash – Mega Legends

Mega Man

For Final Smash, he will throw the Black Hole Bomb onto the stage to pull enemies towards him. If someone is trapped in it, almost all generations of Mega Man will appear on stage with Proto Man and Bass and shoot their Mega Busters at the same time to deal massive damage to enemies trapped in the Black Hole.