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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Meta Knight – Combos And Moves

Meta Knight

Meta Knight

Meta Knight is equipped with his small sword and armor just like in Kirby. He is a special fighter in the air and his air combat is even improved by the fact that he can jump in the air 5 times after his first jump from the ground. This not only lifts him up, but you can also change his direction with each jump.

Meta Knight moveset

Meta Knight

Neutral Attack Combo

His neutral attack combo can be pulled with as many attacks as you like. Each attack initially deals 0.8 damage to enemies while the final attack will deal 2 damage and shoot the enemy away from him. The original sword slash will continue until you hold the button. Release the button and he will unleash a powerful final blow and send the enemy away from him.

Dash Attack

His attack deals 7 damage to enemies. While running, Meta Knight will throw a kick at his enemy, causing the enemy to fly overhead. Foot-linked enemies will fly right above him. You can follow them for other combos.

Defensive Attacks

His rocky cliff attack deals 9 damage while his stealth and awakening attacks deal 7 damage to enemies.

Grab Attacks

His normal grab deals 1 damage to enemies. The forward throw deals 9 damage and launches the enemy into the air from him. Back Throws will deal 10 damage to enemies while thrown up will deal 10 damage and launch enemies right on top of him. Reverse throws deal 7.5 damage, but while dealing the least amount of damage, it will make it easier for the enemy to create the next combo.

Meta Knight Special Attacks

Neutral Special – Mach Tornado

This attack deals 12 damage to enemies. If you repeatedly press the special attack button, he will continue to fly higher and higher in the air however the maximum damage will be dealt at the start of the attack. Meta Knight will transform into a tornado for this attack and will damage all enemies it comes into contact with.

Side Special – Drill Rush

This attack deals 1.1 × 11 and 3 damage to the enemy. The first part of the attack hits 11 hits while the finisher deals additional damage. You can use the joystick to adjust the trajectory slightly up or down. This is a powerful move that can also be used as a recovery attack. He will transform himself into a drill and move to attack enemies in front of him.

Up Special – Shuttle Loop

This attack deals 9 and 6 damage as it is a two-hit combination. Just like the previous attack, using the joystick will allow you to change the trajectory a bit. Basically, this is a loop attack where he will launch in the air, hit the enemy with the first hit, then perform a loop, and then go into the second hit.

Down Special – Dimensional Cape

This attack deals 16 damage to enemies. If you hold the button after disappearing, when he reappears, he will land his attack. He will disappear behind his cloak, teleport a short distance, and follow it with a powerful AoE. If you don’t hold the button, he will not attack with this move.

Final Smash – Darkness Illusion

Meta Knight

As for his Final Smash, Meta Knight will throw his blade up and then fire an electric projectile in the air. If this attack hits an enemy, he will launch them on top of him and split into different versions, and continue attacking them before finally launching them away. If the electric bullet doesn’t hit any of the enemies, nothing will happen.