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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Mr. Game & Watch – Attack Moves

Game & Watch

Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch appears in the Smash world with its lightweight and quirky features, from leftover parts of Mr. LCD’s ‘80s, before the NES.

He’s a small and light person that’s also where he needs to be careful, but there are plenty of great attacks to make the enemy hard to exploit. The projectiles he can create are invincible extensions of himself, that cannot be interrupted, deflected, or absorbed.

Mr. Game & Watch Moveset

Game & Watch

Neutral Attacks

He has two neutral attacks. he sprays a disinfectant that deals 2 damage in the early stage, but if you keep attacking, the damage it deals is 0.8xN, 3. The second stage of the attack is much faster than With the first time where you can hold the attack button to spray a series of hits.

Defensive Attacks

He has two defensive attacks. The first is Ledge attacks that deal 9 damage, while Wake-up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 10 damage, including Mr. Game & Watch dodge and slide to a complete stop. This quick start to move away from the dash or run. Whoever gets in the way is put behind. The damage is slightly lower if you hit with the tail of the active time here.

If the opponent can block the dash, he would technically be at a punishable disadvantage, but thanks to his tummy stance their blows could miss him right away.


He has 5 Grab attacks. The first kick deals 1.3 damage. The forward and rear throws deal 8 damage per shot. The up throw move deals 12 damage, while the down throw deals 4 damage.

Mr. Game & Watch Special Moves

Neutral Special – Chef

This attack deals 5 × 5 damage, in which Mr. Game & Watch takes out a pan and serves the dishes by dropping them at the enemy. These are five items that can be tied. Towards the back of him flips food items upwards in a high arc so they fall closer to him and can act as a kind of defense shield. Keeping forward, forwarding her, flipping food down, and farther is more of an attacking option.

Side Special – Judge

During this attack, he generates a figure and knocks down a hammer in the front. Each number he displays deals a different amount of damage. The higher the number, the more damage it will deal. The damage deal with each number is listed below:

  • 1: deals 2 damage
  • 2: deals 4 damage
  • 3: deals 6 damage
  • 4: deals 8 damage
  • 5: deals 3×4 damage
  • 6: deals 12 damage
  • 7: deals 14 damage
  • 8: deals 13 damage
  • 9: deals 32 damage

Up Special – Fire

This attack deals 3, 6. damage. During this attack, two firefighters help him trampons soar, where his body becomes a bullet line above. On the upper part of the trip, he loses the upward inertia and deploys a parachute. From here, he glides gently as directed. This attack can be used either as an anti-aircraft tool or as a recovery option.

Down Special – Oil Panic

During this attack, Mr. Game & Watch uses a barrel to scoop any energy bullet that comes its way and fills it completely after receiving all three bullets. When the tank is full, it converts the projectile’s trajectory into hot oil that can be thrown at an enemy in a splash of water, dealing ridiculous damage

Final Smash – Octopus

Game & Watch

In what could be one of those tough Final Smashing fights that the enemy can dodge, giant Octopus skates across the screen, taking up a huge chunk of airspace as it glides over while grabbing with sticky tentacles.

Anyone caught will be pulled aside from the stage, risking a complete KO if they react poorly! When the Octopus moves, hold the joystick up or down to navigate its path, making it harder for enemies to escape