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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Ness – Combos And Moves



Ness, the main protagonist of Earthbound, is once again back with Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He has seen some changes since then, including general updates to his animation and movement set. We’ve all made changes to him when comparing to the previous game, so let’s see and see what’s new.

Ness moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has 3 neutral attacks. The sequence starts with a quick combination of two punches followed by a kick. The first stab deals 2 and 1.5 damage, while the kick deals 4 damage.

Stabs are pretty quick and can be a good shieldless option if you retaliate close. At a lower percentage, his neutral attack does not lose the victim’s balance, so they will stand firm nearby. This is where you should go as soon as they attack them.

Whereas, for opponents with an average damage percentage or higher, the attack will knock them away just like any neutral attack finishing blow.

Dash Attack

His Dash attacks deal 4, 2, 4 damage. In this attack. Ness runs and uses her brain for an attack in the foreground. When hit, opponents will be blown a little further away. If you combine the dash and hit the victim a third time, it will unleash a final javelin with a good knockdown, sending the victim off their feet.

Neutral Special – PK Flash

low your opponent away with electrical energy after a full charge. Can be used pre-fully charged for the weaker attack.

Side Special – PK Fire

Light comes out straight ahead or diagonally when in the air. Explodes into a pillar of fire if it touches someone.

Up Special – PK Thunder

Fire a protective sphere of light. Take him flying if he hits himself.

Down Special – PSI Magnet

Absorbs projectiles based on energy and weak explosions to heal damage.

Final Smash – PK Starstorm

With the help of Paula and Poo, Ness summons a meteor shower that can damage any foe they bump into. Meteors fall faster as time goes by. The orbits of the meteors can be slightly adjusted with the left or right input.

Strengths & Weaknesses


The psychic Wunderkind is back and formidable, with some stronger attacks and improved zoning abilities. He likes to poke you with different zoning tools – hover and wait for the chance to knock you down with a stick or yo-yo.


As always, his most important tool is PK Thunder, so mastering the best way to get yourself flying across the stage will make the biggest difference. Offstage is a moment of scrambling for an insecure he trying to direct your handcrafted lightning back into your own body. If you’re trying to annoy a friend of him (we all have one), don’t put pressure on the ledge or in the air.

Ness Changes


There have been some changes for Ness since the last match. Many of them are quite subtle, while others will have a greater effect on how he handles like a warrior. We’ve listed all the changes to him in Super Smash Bros Ultimate below:

  • His yoyo now says “Super Nintendo 2018 Mother” on it
  • Victory posture is changed
  • Dashing faster
  • New idle animation
  • PK Starstorm’s final blow is now similar to the one used in Brawl
  • The air speed is faster
  • Down Throw now uses a PK Fire effect
  • The Up Air attack is completely different and resembles your Peach’s