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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Olimar – Combos And Moves



Captain Olimar appears in the Smash game with his unique attacks, where he is accompanied by his loyal helpers Pikmin. He depends on his Pikmin which is why he has to organize and follow up on his helpers.

He can have up to three Pikmins at a time, where the Pikmin are of different colors in order or Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Purple.

Olimar moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has two neutral attacks in which he attacks with a sequence of one-two punches dealing 4 damage per hit. The stab isn’t the fastest combo in the game but does the job. The best the enemy can do against his stab is to cancel their interception with a shield in close proximity.

Defensive Attacks

He has two defensive moves. The first is Ledge attacks that deal 9 damage, while both Wake-ups deal 7 damage.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attacks deal 7, 4 damage. In the dash, Olimar jives his heel over his head towards the enemy with a rolling wheel strike. The move will be effective twice if you connect it in the earliest stages of the move, tossing the enemy into a juggling spot in mid-air.

Even if you hit late, it still makes enemies pop, albeit with less damage. If this attack is shielded, it will put him at a disadvantage when near.

Olimar Special Moves

Neutral Special – Pikmin Pluck

This special is only useful on the ground. You could try using it in the air, but it leads to him beckoning useless. Used on the ground, it pulls another Pikmin up from the earth, if there is space for a new member of his field team.

Side Special – Pikmin Throw

During this attack, he throws Pikmin at the enemy. This was a quick attack that was like throwing a bullet going very far.

When any Pikmin except purple approaches an unshielded opponent, they will cling to them. If Pikmin isn’t knocked down by the attacks that hit them, they will tumble continuously while clinging, hitting 10 times, or more! Most Pikmin have the ability to deal up to 20% damage after Pikmin Throw is connected. The lower the target’s damage percentage, the more likely the clinging Pikmin will do more attacks. For medium to high damage victims, Pikmin cannot attack multiple times.

Up Special – Winged Pikmin

During this attack, Pikmin arrives with wings and lifts him up to safety. This is one of the best recovery options to use when you want to get back on stage. Pikmin though has a certain time or energy so they can carry him. When they were exhausted, he fell helplessly to the ground.

Down Special – Pikmin Order

During this attack, he whistles and orders Pikmin to regroup. This move provides Olimar with a suit of armor that can absorb attacks for a while in situations where he cannot deal damage.

Final Smash – End of Day


In Final Smash, Olimar and his trusty Pikmin plunge into a pile of rockets where it launches and can aim slightly on its way up and down as it plunges to the ground. The attack deals heavy damage if anyone gets in the way of the missile train.