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Smash Ultimate: How To Play PAC-MAN – Combos And Moves



PAC-MAN is a floating midsize fighter with a unique move drawn from the game. Although he deals less damage in his attacks, his eccentric fighting style gives him a distinct advantage when his moves are used properly.

PAC-MAN Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three Neutral attacks. The first two hits are a one-two-punch combo that deals 2 damage per hit. The last is an upside-down kick that deals 3 damage and knocks up enemies.

Although the first stab had a moderate start-up speed, it lacked reach. His subsequent stabs force him to extend towards the enemy to approach.

Defensive Attacks

PAC-MAN has 2 defensive attacks. Ledge attacks deal 9 damage, while Wake-up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attacks

His Dash deals 2 × 3, 4 damage, when he transforms into his original 2D form and attacks an enemy. The enemies are then launched into the sky to track potential.

This attack is unique as it is safe if it is shielded, thanks to the significantly low latency you can hit one next attack depending on the disturbance of the enemy.

Special Moves

Neutral Special – Bonus Fruit

In this attack, PAC-MAN uses many objects and fruits in its arsenal as a bullet that can be thrown at an enemy and can be used to damage or knockdown or launch them. . The fruits can be selected while you hold the attack button, as if you were charging, here you will see the fruits and objects spun and let you choose.

Side Special – Power Pellet

This move deals 4 to 5, 6 damage. During this attack, he spawns the pellets he eats in the original PAC-MAN game. He threw a row of such small balls and crushed them. Any opponent in his lane was beaten.

Up Special – Pac-Jump

This attack deals 5 damage, where he creates his trampoline to jump. This trampoline can be used multiple times but remains healthy until it is destroyed.

Anyone can turn on his trampoline, so you can use it to set up tough situations. For example, if the enemy is under a cliff, you can meet them in the air with a Pac-Jump, leaving a trampoline and underneath them, forcing them to land and bounce off the canvas. springs and strikes you in an unpredictable way. Of course, those who wander off the pitch can also help your opponents recover.

Down Special – Fire Hydrant

This attack deals 9 damage when dropped, and 13 damage when launched. During this attack, he drops a heavy fire hydrant below him. If he throws it in mid-air, it could land and damage enemies below him. His Fire Hydrant can be launched as a projectile if it is attacked with powerful attacks, such as side bangs and aerial attacks. When flying through the air, the tornado becomes a high-powered projectile with high launch power.

Final Smash – Super Pac-Man


In Final Smash, PAC-MAN transforms into a giant and moves across the screen at high speed. You can adjust the direction slightly with each crossing. Any opponent that gets hit, will be sent far away.